Hey everyone--Michael here with Masseuse Massage,

Today I’m going to explain to you a little bit about Zero Space.

Back in the day, old generation massage chairs used to need a lot of room behind them in order to recline.

People are working and living in much smaller spaces now.

And we don’t particularly want our massage chair to take up half of our room.

The awesome thing about all of the Masseuse Massage chairs now is that they’re new generation massage chairs and they all have Zero Space Recline on them.

Meaning you can put this chair right up against a wall, within 5 centimeters of it, when you recline the chair it will actually slide forward on the base.

Allowing you to fit it in a smaller area or simply to take up less area in your lounge room, your bedroom or your spare room

That’s what Zero Space is, all of our massage chairs are new-generation chairs, they all have Zero Space!

I encourage you to make sure any massage chair that you’re looking for on the market has that feature.

Take care.