Hi, Michael from Masseuse Massage,


This is another video explaining to you more information about the world's best massage chair, The Remedial Deluxe Plus.


I’m going to touch on the eight automatic programs that this chair has to offer and why they’re so amazing.


Basically, once you’ve sat in the chair and found out your perfect seating position, you’ve got to select one of eight automatic programs.


There’s four of them which are designed basically to give you a different type of massage.


If you want a relaxing massage, you obviously press relax.


Now that’s going to be the softest of the automatic programs and they go up from there.


Comfort, a little bit stronger.


Fatigue recovery, stronger again.


And then Ache Relief, it’s really gonna get stuck in and give you a high-pressure deep tissue massage.


There’s also this little demo button here.


If you’ve got people visiting your home and they see this amazing new chair and you’ve been talking about it to them all day, every day and they want to see what it has to offer.


You can set them in the chair, press the demo button, it’ll do every feature that the chair has to offer in 5 minutes and it will shorten the intelligence scan to only 30 seconds.


The other three automatic programs are pretty fascinating as well.


We get a lot of senior customers or customers that have had back surgery and can’t actually have the massage hands applying pressure to their back and spine.


Don’t worry, those guys are also covered and can still get the most amazing massage experience out of this Remedial Deluxe Plus.


Basically, you press the Full Air button and that will engage the 68 air cushions to give you an all-over body massage experience without having to worry about the massage hands if that’s something that you can’t actually use.


There are two other programs here, one’s called Waist Stretch.


The waist stretch function- if you’ve ever been to a chiropractor and you’ve got a few of your joints that just are all sort of tied up and in the wrong position and then the chiropractor will crack your back and how amazing that feels.


The Waist Stretch engages all of the air cushions and allows the chair to stretch your body out.

So it’s great for mobility and occasionally you’ll actually get the chair cracking your back.

The last one, not sure if you’re aware but, this guy’s got two pretty powerful Bluetooth speakers here.

So not only can you run the chair off your phone, there is a separate video on the Bluetooth functions.

But you can also play your most relaxing music, whatever de-stresses you and relaxes you the most through these speakers.

Now if you press Synchronous Music, it will massage in sync to your favorite relaxing music to give you the most relaxing experience and the most de-stressing experience out of any massage chair you can find.

So that's the eight automatic programs if you’d like any more information we’re always here to chat.

Feel free to give us a call.

Enjoy the chair!