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If you’re on your feet all day serving the best coffee in Melbourne or taking a run around the ‘Tan, a massage chair can help ease the pain of working feet and speed recovery from your daily grind.

We have superior after-sales service to see how you’re going. If your chair doesn’t work or you’re unhappy, we give you a 40-day money-back massage guarantee.

We also have a best-price guarantee and will beat any genuine competitor offer by 10%, plus we’ll deliver your chair to your home for free in metro areas.

Masseuse Massage Chairs gives you a three-year warranty and the option of ‘buy now and pay later’. You don’t have to wait for the benefits a massage chair can give you. Get the health boost now and pay the chair off over time.

Give us a call today and we’ll have you feeling better tomorrow.

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Why Choose Masseuse Massage Chairs Melbourne?

Masseuse Massage Chairs is the brainchild of Michael Clark, who grew up in Knox and now lives in Melbourne. He is a proud supporter of the mighty Melbourne Demons AFL club!

Michael enjoys exercising and places a lot of positive effort into his well-being. He wants to help everyone be fit and healthy, and that is a big reason why he invested in massage chairs.

At only 23, Michael was hospitalised with intense neck and back pain from football injuries and a car accident. He was unable to move without pain, but he was determined not to let ongoing pain ruin his life.

Michael discovered a gap in the market for sustainable, long-term, at-home therapeutic help for people with chronic neck and back pain, but also for people who needed help on a budget.

100% Australian-owned, Masseuse Massage Chairs was born in the city of Melbourne with its head office down in South Melbourne. 

Masseuse Massage Chairs has the best massage chairs money can buy, delivered straight to your door and can be set up so they are ready to use. 

You can have a 40-day free trial, and if the chair is not right for you, we will have it picked up, give you a refund, hassle free.


Built With You In Mind

Experience Melbourne’s best range of therapeutic massage chairs, which are built for you. They are made with your support and wellness in mind. These chairs were created to help relieve neck and back pain, improve sleep quality, and more.

The technology in our chairs is astounding and helps give you higher quality massages and a higher quality of life.

4D massage technology - more accurate and acute chair rollers give you the deepest and most true-to-life massage a chair can give. Simultaneous upper and lower back massage rollers, with 30 degrees of rotation, can give you a solid neck and shoulders massage, and lower back treatment.

Hot Stone Massage - this is targeted heat for your lower back up to 50°C. It helps relieve pain, increases circulation and can help warm you up on a cold winter’s night. Heat relaxes the body and improves blood flow. This increases oxygen flow and heightens the rate of healing, reducing the recovery time of your sore muscles.

AirSpa® Massage - working with the 4D rollers, air cushions grip and squeeze your muscles firmly before releasing them for relaxation.

The health benefits from our Massage Chairs are numerous:

Better sleep - a massage relaxes your muscles and improves the circulation around your body. This allows you a deeper and fuller sleep, releasing stress and anxiety.

Ease tension - a busy life will have you carrying stress and tension in your muscles, often in your neck and shoulders. Our massage chairs help relieve you of this tension, relaxing you and soothing the tension from your body.

Better mental health - feeling relaxed, with fewer aches and pains can give you a happy, satisfied feeling, help you breathe easier and lower your stress and anxiety levels. It can help you think clearer and solve problems that were roadblocks in your life.

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