Why is Massage so good for you?

Though widely perceived in Australia as a luxury, massage therapy has long been recognised in Asian cultures as having intense medicinal properties, supported by academic scholars who have found that massage:

Improves chronic neck and back pain
Reduces the number of migraines and tension headaches
Improves sleep quality
Helps support the healthy function of your immune system
Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression
Promotes healthy blood pressure and heart rate
Improves circulation
Accelerates metabolism
And so much more...
Reduces mental and physical stress
Reduces muscle fatigue and soreness from exercise
Naturally relieves pain
Aids in physical recovery and prevention of future injury

The Purpose of Airbags in Massage Chairs

Massage airbags enable massage chairs to expertly imitate physical compression techniques used by professional masseuses. Massage therapists grip and tightly squeeze muscles before releasing them to prompt these tense muscles to relax, the primary objective of compression massage.

Most airbags tend to be located in the foot and calf rest, as compression massage promotes better circulation and reduce swelling, which are normally treated with passive methods like compression socks. By extension, shoulder and arm airbags produce comparable effects as they too stimulate blood-flow in a wave-like motion towards the heart.

High end models of massage chairs have acquired the ability to manipulate the movement of the body with the incorporation of waist airbags, which alternatively inflate and deflate on each side of the lower back to enhance rotation and motion. This major advancement has been advocated to have a real remedial benefit for the soft tissues of the lower back. Nevertheless, airbag massage tends to be an issue of personal preference, as decisions regarding the desired placement and intensity of compression airbags is a highly individual one.

Roller Track Technology: Are You on the Right Track?

All massage chairs possess in-built roller tracks which are often likened to a set of train tracks. These tracks support and facilitate the movement of massage rollers, responsible almost entirely for massage around the spine but also for a large portion of the chair’s total massage capabilities. However, there continue to be revolutionary technological advancements in the length and shape of these roller tracks.


Integrated with the most advanced rail engineering, S-Track Technology mirrors the natural sinusoidal shape of the human vertebrae to relax the spine and relieve tense muscles. Measuring a total of 0.95 metres, this massage roller track provides a comprehensive full body massage, ensuring no area of the neck or spine is ignored.


State of the art L-Track technology arises from continuous advancements made in rail engineering. It consists of an extra-long L-shaped curved rail to provide fuller coverage for a far more comprehensive massage. Measuring a total of 1.35 metres, this is the longest roller track available in a massage chair, extending uninterrupted to cover the seat area and hamstrings. This design helps relax the spine and relieve muscle tension while maintaining the user’s correct posture.

A World-Renowned Massage Technique: Shiatsu

Originating in traditional oriental massage, shiatsu translates quite literally to finger pressure. This ancient method is non-invasive and can have substantial remedial and preventative effects.

Shiatsu massage is based on the idea that our bodies are filled with a flow of energy through specific pathways labelled meridians. It is said that an imbalance in these meridians has a detrimental effect on one’s health, so shiatsu is used to restore balance and harmonise the flow of energy.

Shiatsu massage therapy is renowned for its widespread health benefits, used to treat various musculoskeletal, emotional and chronic health conditions including:

Backaches and neck and joint pain
Sciatica Headaches and migraines
PMS Digestive disorders
Fatigue Insomnia
Stress and anxiety
Circulatory problems

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