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We have recliners & therapeutic chairs to suit a budget, as well as top of the range premium massage chairs to offer heavenly indulgence. When shopping with Masseuse, you can be sure that your purchase will be of the highest quality & backed by our 30 DAY MONEY BACK MASSAGE GUARANTEE.

Masseuse is proud to be 100% Australian owned & operated. We stand by all of our quality massage products. For extra peace of mind we also offer extended in-home service warranties for your new massage chair, so you can enjoy & relax without a care.

remedial deluxe+

The Remedial Deluxe+ features the most advanced 4D Massage System that feels like several massage therapists are treating your body at the same time. Combining the most realistic massage hands available with a body-hugging S-Track Rail, the Remedial Deluxe+ is designed to give a customised deep tissue massage all over your body. Relax after a hard days work at the click of a button with 8 amazing automatic massage treatments designed to eliminate your aches and pains. You can also target specific pain or trouble areas anywhere with the 6 manual massage treatments and customise perfect control of the massage hands. Our customers say that the Remedial Deluxe+ is great for treating arthritis, migraines, headaches, insomnia and sore muscles. Other benefits include regulating blood pressure, improving energy levels, increasing circulation, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression - and much more!
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ultimate chiro

The Ultimate Chiro is our most popular massage chair and features a 3D Massage System with Intelligent Massage Hands that cover a larger massage zone than any other chair on the market. Your stress and tension will be a thing of the past when you relax into this amazing chair every day for a customised massage treatment. With its 135cm L-Track Rail, the Ultimate Chiro gives you a deep tissue massage all over your body from your neck right down in the your hamstrings. Including 6 automatic massage treatments, the Ultimate Chiro will soothe your aches & pains, relieve tension in your sore muscles and increase relaxation – all in the comfort of your own home. Look no further for the Ultimate in pain relief and relaxation.
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The Health+ is the perfect piece of furniture for any modern home, blending style and luxury into a powerful massage chair. It includes a 108cm SL-Shaped Rail that contours to your spine giving you a full body massage from your neck all the way down past your tailbone. Let the different massage treatments relax your body and muscles with a a deep tissue massage that will reduce soreness, alleviate pain and promote calm and relaxation. A brand new feature is the leg rest that rolls over 180 degrees turning the traditional leg rest into a working calf massager. Plus it's Hot Stone function will melt away the feeling of tired muscles and keep you warm in the Winter months. The premium design of the Health+ means it suits every living room and the compact size means it fits in tighter spaces. We like to say it's the same as having your own full-time personal masseuse in your lounge room all day, every day.
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At Masseuse Massage, we believe you deserve a healthy life, free from the muscular aches & pains that hold you back every day. If you suffer back pain, bad circulation or need some stress relief from your busy life you have come to the right place.

Combining our passion & over 15 years of experience, we bring you the most advanced range of massage chairs & products from around the world. All chairs are hand picked by our team of massage experts with every feature & function carefully assessed to make sure we bring you & your body the best products available.

Specifically designed to target your problem areas, our massage chairs will help you to restore the healthy body that you once had. If you have mobility issues or suffer from muscular pain, call us on 1300 054 554 to discuss our great range of chairs & learn about our no interest payment plan options.

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At Masseuse Massage we strive to Make The World Better in everything that we do. We proudly support Operation Underground Railroad and for every sale made, we raise money to go towards this cause. Click here to learn more about this amazing organisation.
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