Hi, I’m Tim and today I’m here to talk you through how to use your new Health Plus remote control.

Firstly, there are 3 automatic programs and also a demonstration 5-minute mode.

The demonstration mode is perfect for your friends if they want to try out all the awesome features of the chair.

You have the ability to change the neck and shoulder massager direction and turn it on and off.

You can adjust the air pressure on the legs with 3 settings.

1, 2, 3 or you can turn them off completely.

You can override the auto program and tell the massage chair to do just kneading, tapping in the 3 different settings and you can turn each of them on or off.

There is also a hot stone massage option that you can choose by pressing this button.

You can control the leg unit, for example, if you want the leg unit to go up you press and hold this button and if you want the leg unit to go down you hold down this button.

If you want the massage hands in the back in a particular position you can control them with these buttons as well.

This one moves them down and this one moves them up, again holding them down to make them move.

Finally, you can adjust the neck massage hands by holding down these buttons making them go lower or higher.

The Health Plus massage chair is really easy to use and it's an amazing chair, you can sit back relax and have an amazing massage!