Hey Michael from Masseuse Massage,

Today I’m going to explain the 4D massage hands that come included in the Remedial Deluxe Plus Massage Chair--the best massage chair in the world.

So what is the 4D feature in this massage chair? Basically it takes the 3D massage hand--that is a free floating massage hand.

Traditional massages have two fixed rods behind the massage chair and the massage hands just knead and turn around in circles from those fixed rods.

The real 3D massage hands, like the ones you get from our products, they’re free floating, they’re not fixed to those rods, they can move back and forward as they’re massaging.

Even when they get to the top of your neck they have the ability to come out 30 degrees and apply downward pressure on your neck--which most other massage chairs can’t do.

Now why do we call it 4D? Why is this massage chair 4D compared to our other 3D massage chairs?

This one is 4D because it has the 3D massage hands and incorporates the advanced S-Track technology.

You’re getting the 3D massage hands working on your back and we have brought in a new dimension into it, the S-Track, which not many other massage chairs on the market can do.

To recap: 3D massage hands + S-Track Technology = 4D Massage Chair

So that is the masseuse 4D experience, its unique to the Remedial Deluxe Plus Massage Chair and its another reason it's the best massage chair in the world.

Have an amazing day.