Hi Michael from Masseuse Massage,

Today I’m going to show you how to use the remote control for the Remedial Deluxe Plus Massage Chair.

This will be a quick overview--if you want more detail there's a few other videos on how to get a quick start and how to get the manual functions and run the air pressure massage going.

I’m going to explain what's happening on the massage controller, what are all the different sections and how do they work.

Let’s start with this center circle on the controller.

The inner circle adjusts the position of the chair.

There’s three autoset programs that you can adjust to with this middle button, you can then independently adjust the feet, up and down, and the back, up and down, using these external buttons.

The shoulder position comes into play when the intelligent massage scan has finished.

If you would like the massage range to be a little bit lower or a bit higher, you should adjust the range by changing this shoulder position arrows either up or down.


It also is very handy when you’re using the neck massage function to adjust it by the millimeter to get it in the perfect position for you.

Underneath here you can see you’ve got the intensity buttons which can be used when you’re doing the manual massage functions on the inside of this flap--which again there’s a whole video on in another section.

If you press this button here (clock icon), it will adjust the duration of your massage and it can be changed in 5 minute increments.

Most programs are set to 20 minutes--using this button you can adjust it up to 40 minutes or down to 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes.

So that's where you look to adjust the position of the massage chair and the strength or position of the massage hands.

The next section on the remote is the front of the flap.


You can see how everything is grouped together--you’ve got 8 automatic programs.

You only need to press one of them--pretty straight forward.

Then you got an on and off heater button.

You’ll see that it corresponds above with the red line behind the person sitting in the chair.

In addition you have this section here (last row of buttons) which is only relevant if you want to download one of our new programs on the app store--they aren’t available at the moment, everything you need is all preloaded so no need to worry about that.

When I open this flap you’ll see the manual controls for the massage chair.

This grouping in the middle here is to control the massage hands for what style of massage they’re doing--my favorite is kneading and tapping.

This also controls the position of the massage, whether you would like a full back, or a particular spot and where that spot might be.

The white section is all for the air cushions and the intensity.

To the right you’ve got speed and width grouped together, because on some of these manual programs you can adjust the speed and all the widths.

The sole roller is a critical one too--you can adjust the speed of the sole roller into an amazing foot massager or you can turn it off.

Don’t forget the two buttons at the bottom!

If you own a chair and you don’t want to go through a minute and half intelligent scan every time you use it; make sure you save your settings in M1, then every time you use the massage chair you just press M1 and it will bypass the scan!

That’s a simple overview of the Remedial Deluxe Plus Massage Chair Controller.

Hope you found this helpful!