Hey guys, this is the Remedial Deluxe Plus massage chair, it’s the best massage chair we’ve been able to find on the planet.

Cannot wait for you to be sitting in it, enjoying yourself.

I’m gonna show you how to build it today.

Here we go.

Two boxes, as you can see, it’s our biggest massage chair so it does weigh a little bit.

You might want a second person on hand that can give you a chop out if you need it.

I’m going to take this second box out of the way.

What's inside this box is the armrest and we’ll come to that shortly.

We’ve already cut the straps off here, the packaging tape, on each side you’ve got some handles, takes a little bit of maneuvering.

Again, two peoples probably better but for the sake of the video, we can do it with one.

This massage chair is gonna last you at least 15 years, that's how long our average chairs last so we need to make sure, as we said, that it’s in pristine condition when it rocks up to your house.

As you can see now you’re a lot closer to the massage chair.

You’ve got your remote controls and your power cord in here and the amazing massage chair underneath.

The first thing to do is to plug the massage chair in, connect the remote control.

What you want to do is incline the massage chair so you can move it and get it off this cardboard at the bottom.

So I’ll show you how to do that.

You’ve got your power cord and you’ve got your remote control.

So the power goes in, straightforward like so and then the remote control has this little washer and a slot here.

Make sure that lines up and screw on the washer and obviously switch it on.

So we’ve plugged it in at the back, we’ve attached the remote control.

Now what you want to do is turn it on.

Red power button, the chair will incline, you’ll also have to press the back button with the arrow next to it so that it sits all the way up.

So there's a handle at the back here.

Again guys, I stress it is pretty heavy, we don’t want you hurting yourself before you actually have a massage, that's the opposite of the point.

So if you have someone around its gonna help you a lot.

Basically, I get that up, like so.

You can lift this massage chair from the foot mechanism, it’s designed to be moved like so.

We’re nearly off.

The next step and the part that's probably the most technical, but it’s not that difficult, is to connect the two arms.

Basically, you’ve got two allen keys on each side, you can see here they connect to these little sections here and you’ve also got some power and an air hose that needs to be connected.

Really simple, plug and play and an allen key screw.

I’ll go ahead and do those for you now.

Yeah, this is the allen key and the screws that you require, they came in with the instruction manual.

I’m going to take out the allen key and have it handy.

This is the side of the massage chair, as you can see, as I mentioned you need to attach the air hose which is really easy.

You’re just pushing it over the top of the black hose connector, get it on there as tight as you can, then you’ve got a couple of power cords that need to connect.

Obviously, the white goes on the white till it clips in place and the two black ones are different sizes so it’s easy to determine which goes where and they’ll only go in one way so you can’t really make a mistake.

Till it clicks in again like so and like so.

Make sure they’re all on tight.

Next important thing is to tuck this into the side of the chair.

You’ll see on here you’ve got some hooks, one, two and three.

They hook over this steel frame quite easily so you just want to start with the back hook.

So now that the side of the massage chair is on all we’ve got to do is put the two screws in with the allen key.

The trick to this is lifting up the cushion on the base of the chair and lining up the holes with the screw hole, which is exactly where you put the hooks over before.

So wash it on, line up your screw hole like so.

If you have a longer allen key to hand that always helps, it’s not required necessarily.

Second allen key screw goes at the back here.

Alright so we’ve done one side of the chair, now we’re going to put the right side on.

Basically, there are only two things you need to connect on this side as opposed to the four on the first side.

So you’ve got the air hose here and the power connector, just remembering once you’ve connected them that you tuck them away so that they don’t crimp or get pressed on the side of the massage chair.

This one you want to put in nice and strong like so.

Again you’ve got the three hooks, same as the other side, start with the back hook and then putting the front on here like so.

And then again the two allen keys, exactly the same as the other side, remembering the trick is to line up the holes and to lift up the cushion here so that you can get access to it.

That’s it guys, now that you’ve put both of the sides on the chairs ready to roll.

The Remedial Deluxe Plus massage chair is going to improve your health, it’s going to reduce your stress.

I hope you enjoy it.

Now it’s time for me to jump in and have a massage.

Have a great day.