Hey guys, just here to show you how to move the Masseuse Ultimate Chiro.

Pretty straightforward, you want to make sure that the cords are unplugged at the back, so you take out the remote control and the power.

Unscrew the washer on the remote control and take the power out.

This just avoids it getting in the way when you are moving the chair.

Then you put one foot on the back just on the back of the chair here, that’s fine, it’s not going to break the chair it's designed to be done like this.

Two hands on the backrest like so, under here and then you’re just tipping it back.

Now you can do it with two people, someone can actually hold up the front leg mechanism like this to assist however for the sake of the video we’ll do it with one and show you how easy it is.

So one foot on the back, two hands on the top of the backrest and tip the chair back and now I can take it wherever I like.

I can do it with one hand, it’s a very simple thing to move.

Big chair, easy to maneuver, put it wherever you like in your home.  

Foot back on it to put it down and that’s it, that’s how you move the Masseuse Ultimate Chiro.