Hey, the Remedial Deluxe Plus.

If you're ever moving home or want to move it in your house, this is a quick video to show you exactly how to do that.

There's two ways to move this chair, obviously, you're aware it's a big chair.

The first and easiest way is there's a little handle at the back here.

You lift it up, it's got wheels on the front and you can push it wherever you want to go.

It does get a little bit hard on the carpet so the other option is the second way to move it, it does take two people though.

So I'll get Sarah in here to give me a quick hand.

Basically, you put two hands at the top of the chair like so, one foot on the back and then Sarah's going to lift the footrest up.

That's completely safe, it's built to take weight and I'm just going to pull back on the chair here and then you can see how we move it.

Like so and then you can push it around on the caster wheels like this.

We can even turn it around like so and put it anywhere you need to.

Foot back on the back, slowly put it down and jobs done.