Hey guys, this is the Health Plus massage chair, the box has arrived in your home and you’re probably wondering what to do next.

So we thought we’d throw together a video for you, it’s a really easy massage chair to build.

A couple of simple steps, I’ll go ahead and do them now.

The first thing you need to do is you basically cut the tape off that comes with it with a pair of scissors and then it’s an easy lift on each side like so.

There’s a couple of handles there, sometimes it can help to have a second person but for the sake of this, we can do it with one.

They’re very well packed as you can see, we make sure of that, they’ve got to come a long way and we want them to be in perfect condition when they get to you.

As you can see here, it’s all wrapped in plastic, so the first thing you need to do is take that plastic off.

I’ll just move the back cushion out the way like so.

Now, this chair is basically, lift up the backrest, you've got a metal bar here that actually clips into place like so.

The hand controller, as you can see, sticky tape and a foam box around this, take that out.

Scissors can come in handy too if you’ve got a set.

Now I’m going to take these back cushions and headrest out of the plastic.

You’ll also find in here your power cord and your instruction manual which has got a couple of spare fuses there as well, it could come in handy if there’s ever a storm in your house or a power surge.

These guys simply have a zip at the top and another at the bottom.

Second zip in place, done.

The remote control has got its own little pocket where you can stick it in.

Now that’s pretty much the massage chair ready to go, we wanted to put together, you can obviously take it off the base of the box a lot easier.

So I would normally flatten down the side here and simplify maneuver the massage chair off like so.

To move the massage chair you simply push down here and you got wheels on the back.

I’ll put it in position, exactly where you want it in your home, plug in the power cord and there you have it.

The Masseuse Health Plus, an amazing massage chair.

I’ll bet you’re excited to jump in it, it’s going to relieve your stress, it’s going to improve your health.