Hey, it’s Michael from Masseuse Massage.

This video is going to explain to you a little bit about the BlueTooth functions of the Remedial Deluxe Plus Massage Chair.

Basically, with this massage chair, you can do two things with the Bluetooth.

You can listen to your favorite relaxing music so that it encourages you to relax and fall asleep in the massage chair.

Or you can actually control the massage chair off your tablet or your phone.

So how would you go about connecting to the massage chair?

First of all, you need to turn the massage chair on, which will actually switch on the BlueTooth in the massage chair.

Check in your device under BlueTooth for appropriate devices.

This one will come up as the word F-I-honest and then a random number.

It will, once you connect to that, it will come up on your device and say passcode 0000.

Just click on ok, that’s how it’s supposed to look.

Basically, once you’ve done that you can then control the whole massage chair of our customized app, which is in the App store and also in the Google Play store under Remedial Deluxe with the symbol “+” next to it.  

When you’re listening to the music through these awesome BlueTooth stereo speakers, you can also press the automatic program.

Just here, synchronous music, and what that will do is it will actually adjust the massage and program it to match the exact song that you’re always singing to.  

So your whole body is in sync with the music and your favourite relaxing music

Guys, that’s the BlueTooth connectivity on the Remedial Deluxe Plus Massage Chair, should be pretty straightforward to use.

Have a great day!