Hi, Michael from Masseuse Massage,

This video is going to explain to you a little bit about Zero Gravity and how the Zero Gravity works on the world's best massage chair, the Remedial Deluxe Plus.

Basically, once you’ve turned the chair on it will go take you to a fairly comfortably reclined position.

In order to get it to the Zero Gravity position you want to press this preset button, the reclining preset button two more times.

So you’ll see it will stop there, I press it two more times and it will take you all the way down into the Zero Gravity position.

Now what is Zero Gravity and why would you want to actually sit in Zero Gravity on the chair?

Zero Gravity was a concept designed by NASA.

When you sit in a chair in a spaceship and get shot straight up with rockets behind you into space, the body’s under a lot of pressure and it can actually be a big problem for the astronauts.

So the way they solved that was they found the position to sit them in that would actually have the least amount of gravity pressure on their joints and bones and spine.

So that they could handle that intense rocket launch into the sky and still survive it and feel no pain.

So the concept of Zero Gravity, that's where it came from, effectivity what it means is that you’re in a laying down position with your feet or your knees above your heart.

And as you can see with the Remedial Deluxe Plus, this guy reclines to almost flat.

As an S-Track technology chair, it will recline a lot flatter than any of the L-Tracks out there on the market.

This is a more advanced track and as you can see it allows the chair to get completely flat.

Once you're in Zero Gravity position you can see that what will happen, similarly to the astronauts, is all of the pressure that the gravity is putting on you, on me as I’m standing here right now, is completely gone.

So you’ll feel weightless while you’re sitting in the chair in Zero Gravity position.

A lot of our customers has sore lower backs, sore upper backs, all of the joints are giving them chronic pain etc.

What this position is doing is trying to eliminate all of that pain as a start, and then what it actually does is it allows the massage chair to do it’s work and to fix those problems in the best possible way.

You can imagine when there are all the gravity and the pressure putting on your lower back, for example, the chairs not going to be able to help you that much.

But once you get into Zero Gravity position and your lower back is feeling a lot better, then the massage hands can get in there and actually work their magic and improve your health.

That's the Zero Gravity, the weightless position of the massage chair.  

I hope this explains a little bit more to you about one of those technological terms that we use a lot.

But it really is an important feature and you want to make sure that you’re getting it in the chair you’re purchasing.