Hi, Michael from Masseuse Massage.

This video is going to explain to you how to use the manual functions of the Remedial Deluxe Plus Massage Chair through the app on your phone or smart device.

So as we’ve said in a few of the other videos it’s a lot more detail on how to connect to the massage chair and how to set it all up.

There’s also an overall video on how the app works.

Check out those videos separately if you’d like to know a little bit more about it.

But make sure you’ve got the Remedial Deluxe Plus app downloaded from the Google Play store or the Apple Store and then make sure you connect it to the massage chair beforehand.

I’ll assume that you’ve done that, you always have to turn the massage chair on manually using the remote controller, then get your phone or smart device out and you can see that it’s got options

In front of you, under function, you have an option for manual.

Now we always have to select an auto program first to make sure that the chair has done it’s scan and worked out exactly how it needs to massage you.

Once it’s done the massage chair scan, you can then click on the manual mode and in here you can see you can select any massage mode that the auto programs do independently and just do that one mode and select exactly where you have the problem.

Whether it be lower back, between your shoulders and you can focus on that one area with your favorite massage program in the intensity and the speed that you like.

When I press manual, you can see I can do shoulder grasp, kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping together, shiatsu massage or 3D massage.

You can also see here that I can tell it exactly where I would like it to do that program that I’m selecting.

So let’s say you’ve gone into manual, you’ve selected kneading and tapping.

You can then adjust the speed, so you can tell it exactly how fast you want it to knead and tap.

You can then tell it which part of the back you want it to do that on.

So by pressing the body with the bars behind, at the bar graph, you can then tell it to do just lower back, kneading and tapping in the lower back area.

You can tell it to do just upper back or you can tell it to do the full back or you can stop it at any time and tell it to do a fixed position or a partial position, which is basically one-third of your back wherever the massage hands are at that time.

So what I would normally do is I would sit in the chair and have a full automatic massage and automatic program massage and then I would do another massage, put those massage hands-on kneading and tapping, because they’re my favourite, they really get into my knots.

I would then direct it by pressing full body.

Once it gets to between my shoulders, I would then select partial and I would let it go up and down in that exact spot between my shoulders where I have a lot of problems on my spine and on my tight muscles.

Simple as that!

So you can do that same thing with any of the massage functions that are written there.

You can also adjust the width on some of them.

For example, if you’re doing shiatsu you can adjust the speed of shiatsu and the width of it.

Pretty straightforward!

The other thing I’d love to show you is the Air Spa massage and how you can control the air cushions on the massage chair.

If you press MPA pressure under function you can tell it, you can adjust it the arms, by going exactly the same as you do on the manual controller, on and off or adjust the strength by pressing the positive and negative buttons.

You can also tell it to do waist and buttocks, feet on and off or the leg stretch function and again, you can adjust the intensity by just pressing the bar here like so.

Hopefully, that explains it all to you, there’s other videos on how to get a quick start or use the auto programs on the app.

If you ever have any questions feel free to give us a call but that should be enough to get you started and get you into the worlds best massage chair and having the most amazing massage experience of your life.