Hi, Michael from Masseuse Massage,

In this video, I’d like to explain a little bit to you about the advanced S-Track technology that’s included in our Remedial Deluxe Plus Massage Chair


This chair, we believe, is the best massage chair on the planet


Why is S-Track the best track on the market?


Initially, there was an older generation of massage chair, it had a straight rail that had the massage hands attached to it


What that allowed the massage hands to do is basically go from your lower back, about here, straight up and down to the top of your shoulders


About 75 centimeters was the standard and some market-leading companies are still selling those chairs


The L-Track came out next but the problem with the L-Track, it did extend the rail so that it would massage into the seat, but the L-Track has to stay in the shape of an L.


If you can imagine they’re steel rods in the back of the chair and when the chair stays in that L position it doesn’t really allow you to relax and lie flat in the chair


So the next advancement in the rail technology was the S-Track technology


The Remedial Deluxe Plus has this market-leading technology and what it means is that it’s a 95-centimeter rail.


It’s 20 centimeters longer than the old generation but what’s even better about it is, it’s shaped like an S.


So it follows the contours of your spine and then it kicks around your tailbone at the bottom to get just into the top of your glutes but more importantly covers your entire lower back.


If you have a look here about how this reclines, it also goes to almost flat, versus the L-Track which keeps the seat in a bucket-shaped position.


I don’t know about you but when I’m trying to relax and fall asleep this to me feels like a much more natural position and is going to be more relevant for me to be able to sit back, enjoy my massage and completely relax and hopefully even fall asleep if I’ve had a busy day in the office.


So guys, that’s how the S-Track technology works, it’s incorporated in the worlds best massage chair.


It’s the latest and greatest track technology.

If you have any questions about it please give us a call.