Hello everyone--Michael from Masseuse Massage,


Today we’re talking about the intelligent massage scan from the world’s best massage chair, the Remedial Deluxe Plus.

One thing that actually sets this massage chair apart from any other massage chair in the world and makes it what we consider the best massage chair ever made is that it has an intelligent massage scan.

Most massage chairs will give you some kind of scan--usually limited to height and width of shoulders, however this takes it to a whole new level!

It measures the curvature of your spine and your weight so it can apply the right amount of pressure to those different areas.

It takes another step further where it actually works out tension in certain muscles so that it knows where to focus to give you the most relief from any back pain that you have or the most overall amazing massage experience.

Basically how it works--you just turn the massage chair on.

You can refer to the quick start guide.

Once you’re comfortable, select your automatic program it will then initiate the intelligent massage scan. It takes about a minute and a half.

Don’t worry if you’re the lucky one that actually owns this massage chair, you can actually save your settings in the inner flap on Memory 1 (M1) or Memory 2 (M2).


It's a pretty simple thing, but at the same time it is an advanced robotic system that adds to the value of this chair and makes it the best massage chair in the world.

Have a great day.