Hi, Michael from Masseuse Massage,

I’m here today to talk to you about the most amazing massage chair we can find on the planet called the Remedial Deluxe Plus.

Hopefully, if your watching this video you’ve purchased yourself one and you’re ready to get it fired up at home in your lounge room.

This video is going to show you the Quick Start Guide so that you can be getting the best massage chair in the world as quickly as possible.

So all you need to do is firstly, take your shoes off and sit in the chair.

Press the power button, once you’ve done that I encourage you to find the most comfortable seating position for you.

Obviously, every person's different, this will get you to the first preset.

You can adjust the feet on their own to be in the perfect spot, you can adjust the backrest of their own.

There’s a button in the middle that will actually adjust them both together.

So once you’re in the most comfortable position for you, sit back, make sure your very comfortable in the chair, put your arms into the airbags and the feet into the foot massage as well.

Get your head right back into this cushion because once it starts scanning we want it to measure every inch of your body.

If you're sitting forward and looking at the remote, which some people do, the chair doesn’t have the ability to do that.

So it’s important to sit back in the chair.

Now that you’re sitting in the chair and you’re comfortable, it’s time to select one of the automatic programs, there’s eight of them on this chair.

I suggest if it’s your first time in the chair start with the relax mode, by pressing relax you’re going to get the most amazing all-over body massage.

That is the lighter of the eight programs, so it’s a really good place to start.

Now that is going to initiate its intelligent scan.

All massage chairs on the market today will have some sort of scanning function.

This chair, what sets it apart is its intelligent scan is actually miles ahead of any other chair on the market.

Why is that?

Basically, what it’s doing is it’s measuring your height, which most of them do, the width of your shoulders but this goes a step further.

It tries to find the tense regions in your back and will then program the massage so that it works harder on those areas to improve the overall experience for you and to customize it to every single individual.

It also checks your weight and the curvature of your spine to make sure that it’s putting the right amount of pressure on, in every different area of your back.

So it’s a pretty fascinating thing, it does take a minute and a half because it's such a detailed scan that it’s doing but once it’s done that it will fire up and start giving you the most amazing massage of your life.

The other button I would suggest that you press before relaxing and potentially falling asleep and having the best massage of your life is the heater button.

Why is that?

This heater button activates a carbon fiber heater in the back cushion which heats up to 50 degrees.

And what that does is, it actually makes your muscles more elastic, allows the massage hands to get deeper into the muscle tissue and give you a better overall experience.

So it’s as simple as that, a few easy steps.

Sit in the chair, get comfortable.

Select the right seating position, then once it’s ready to go press relax or any of the eight automatic programs.

Once it’s done the scan, press the heater button and that’s it.

Can’t wait to hear your feedback on the chair, give us a call if you’ve got any questions.

Have fun!