Hi, Michael from Masseuse Massage,

This video is going to explain to you about the most amazing neck massage you will ever get from a massage chair.

The 4D masseuse neck massage on the Remedial Deluxe Plus massage chair is going to blow your mind.

Basically, what happens with our 4D system, it’s the only massage that can get downward pressure on your neck as well as the rear pressure.

So what happens is, basically the massage hands go up to the top of his neck, you can adjust it to within the millimeter and then they come out about 30 degrees and apply downward pressure on the top of your neck and make your neck feel amazing.

So I’m going to show you how that works.

Basically, during any program, you just open this flap and click on the shoulder grasp function.

Now that will send the massage hands all the way up to the top.

It's important to remove this pillow from behind your head and relax in the chair.

And basically what happens here is, as you can see, the massage hands are now applying downward pressure to the top of the neck as well as from behind.

Okay great, if Sydney would prefer it a little bit higher or lower, you’ve got the ability here for the shoulder position to be adjusted ever so slightly.

So if I press up, you’ll see just how slight the change can be.

You can adjust it up again, we’ll try that until we get the perfect position.

So as you can see, it’s applying downward pressure, by removing the pillow your heads sinking right back into the chair.

It’s the most amazing neck massage you’re going to get out of any massage chair.

So that's important too if you have any neck pain this is the massage chair you want to get your hands on.