Hi, Michael from Masseuse Massage

This video is going to explain to you about how amazing the Air Spa Massage is on the Remedial Deluxe Plus Massage Chair.

It’s got 68 air cushions which will massage you from your shoulders, your lower back, forearms, hands, in the seat calves and the feet.

If you look here, you’ve started your automatic program.

It always initiates all of the airbags in the massage chair, you’ve got arms, feet and buttocks.

If I open up this little flap, I’ve got complete control over those, I can turn any one of them on or off on the massage chair.

I can increase the intensity or reduce the intensity and I’ll show you how that’s done now.

So you can see here there's an arm air pressure button when I press that I can reduce the intensity of the arms from full strength to setting one.

If I press it once more it’s going to turn those off altogether.

So the shoulders and the arms are going to be completely off if I want to get them back on, I press it once more and it goes to full strength.

In addition to that, for the air cushions, you just want to focus on this white section here.

We’ve talked about the arm air pressure, now if you look over to the left here, you’ve got the same controls for the leg area and the lower body area.

If you press this lower button here, you can turn off the buttocks and just do the feet and legs, switch it over and just do the seat area in the lower back.

Turn them both off, like we did with the air if it’s something that you don’t enjoy or turn them both back on.

The next button is intensity it’s very straightforward, you’ve got three intensity settings, Full, number two, number one.

Now there's another button here called Arthrosis Traction.

What that's really good for is anyone that’s had any knee injuries or has joint injuries in the knee from working too hard or standing on your feet all day.

Press Arthrosis Traction, what it will do, it will engage the legs and the seat and will actually stretch out the joints in your knee, which is going to be awesome for pain relief in that area.

Basically, that’s how you control all of the air cushions in the Remedial Deluxe Plus massage chair.

Intensity on and off, if you follow those instructions, it’ll be straightforward.

Also if you have any questions, feel free to hit us up, 1-300-054-554.

We look forward to hearing from you.