Understanding Masseuse Massage Chair Warranties

Masseuse Massage Chairs is proud to offer Platinum and Lifetime Care warranty options, providing complete coverage for your awesome brand new massage chair.

Combined with the world’s best customer service, it’s easy to see why over 30,000 Aussies have chosen Australia's #1 award-winning massage chair brand! 

In this article, we will cover our warranties, explain what’s covered, terms and conditions, common FAQs, and more.

Platinum Warranty

The Platinum Warranty is our industry-leading massage chair warranty for all new Masseuse Massage Chairs.

What is the Platinum Warranty?

Our Platinum Warranty is our gift to you. A complimentary 5-year massage chair warranty to give customers peace of mind when they purchase one of our world-class massage chairs.

We are so confident in the quality of our massage chairs that we back every chair purchased with the best warranty policies in Australia!

Coverage Details

The Platinum Warranty covers all manufacturer defects for the first 5 years of your chair. It also covers motorised, mechanical and electrical parts, and any reasonable fabric wear and tear so your chair can look like new!

At-Home Service

If you live within one of our metropolitan zones, you’ll benefit from our at-home service. Simply make the request, and one of our Happiness team members will arrange your repairs with one of our experienced and qualified technicians.

And the best part? The cost of the technician’s labour and replacement parts are covered by your warranty!

Recognised metropolitan zones:
Melbourne (within 30km of CBD)
Sydney (within 30km of CBD)
Adelaide (within 20km of CBD)
Perth (within 20km of CBD)
Canberra (within 20km of CBD)
Brisbane (within 20km of CBD)
Gold Coast (within 10km of CBD)

Warranty Conditions

Our 5-year Platinum Warranty only applies to Masseuse Massage chairs purchased on or after 12 September 2023. This warranty also only covers the original purchaser of the massage chair, meaning it can’t be transferred to a second-hand buyer.

The warranty only applies when purchased directly from Masseuse Massage Chairs or a premium authorised retail partner, so if it’s purchased from a wholesale outlet or an online catalogue, it’s not valid.

Terms and Conditions

For a detailed list of the Platinum Warranty’s terms and conditions, refer to the Private Use Warranty. If you purchased an accessory with your massage chair, refer to our Accessory Warranty for more information.

Lifetime Care Warranty

Want the ultimate protection? Add the Lifetime Care Warranty as part of our World's Best Customer Service Guarantee!

What is the Lifetime Warranty?

As a 100% Aussie-owned family business, providing you with life-changing massage chairs is our No. 1 priority. We aim to change lives by offering a massage chair extended warranty that stays with you for life.

Our premium Lifetime Care Warranty includes everything our Platinum Warranty does, plus even more protection for the lifetime of your massage chair.

To maintain your Lifetime Care Warranty, you’ll need a 5-point Massage Chair Health Check that must be carried out by a Masseuse Massage Chairs technician every 5 years.

A safety service will be carried out to make sure everything is working smoothly so you can enjoy the full benefits of your chair.

Comprehensive Coverage

With our comprehensive Lifetime Care Warranty program, you will be protected against any manufacturer defects. Plus you’ll be covered for the frame and foam of your massage chair, replacement of parts (excluding labour) so long as they are still being produced by our factory, fabric wear and tear, and motorised, mechanical and electrical parts.

Additional Purchase

Our Lifetime Care Warranty can only be purchased as an extension with our standard 5-year Platinum Warranty. This offer applies to massage chairs purchased on or after 12 September 2023.

Terms and Conditions

Refer to our terms and conditions for more information regarding the Lifetime Care Warranty and our 5-point Health Check.

Commonly Asked Questions about Warranties

Is the Platinum Warranty transferable?

The Platinum Warranty only applies if you bought your chair originally. It must also be purchased directly from Masseuse Massage Chairs or a premium authorised retail partner.

This means the Platinum Warranty isn’t valid when the massage chair is purchased from a wholesale outlet or an online hamper catalogue.

How can I request warranty service?

If your chair is in need of repair, please visit our online Service and Repair page and kindly complete the Service Request form.

One of our helpful Happiness team members will promptly contact you to arrange a callback.

Can I purchase the Lifetime Care Warranty separately?

Yes! For only $895, our Lifetime Care Warranty can be purchased as an optional add-on to our 5-year Platinum Warranty.

What if my massage chair was purchased before 12 September 2023?

If your massage chair was purchased before 12 September 2023, you qualify for our limited warranty, which covers replacement for manufacturer defects if you live within our metro zones. Replacements (including labour and parts) are covered, but not setup or installation.

If you live outside our recognised metro zones, you must send the massage chair to one of our designated service centres for assessment. Please note that transport, freight or postage costs are not covered.

For more information, view the warranty policy for items purchased before September 12, 2023.


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