Private Use Massage Chair Warranty

All warranty services outlined herein are only applicable to Masseuse Massage chairs purchased from an approved Masseuse Massage supplier.

The company, Masseuse Massage, will provide warranty services against manufacturer defects for a period of 5 years (unless otherwise stated) from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase must be supplied by the customer before any warranty or service claim is raised. Masseuse Massage staff cannot provide any confidential purchase identification to customers.

The coverage of Service Technician labour in in-home service is only applicable for Masseuse Massage products purchased for private use and is not covered for products purchased for commercial use. Commercial customers within recognised metropolitan zones have access to the same on-site service from Masseuse Massage’s expert Service Technicians but will need to cover the cost of labour.

Customers located outside the boundaries of the company’s recognised metropolitan zones, will be covered for replacement parts. This includes motorised, mechanical and electrical parts as well as reasonable fabric wear and tear incurred through correct usage.

As the Company’s network of Service Technicians is ever-expanding, please feel free to contact Customer Service for clarification on the current warranty service available in your area.

Warranty services will not cover any damage caused from improper use or setup of the product, incorrect electrical supply, power surges, acts of nature including but not limited to floods or fire, or accidents that result in damage of the product. Masseuse Massage provides instructional manuals as well as video resources where possible to ensure customers assemble and use their massage products appropriately.

In case of damage to your chair not covered by our warranty, we suggest you specify your massage chair in your home and contents insurance policy.

Massage chairs acquired prior to September 2016 are covered by the 12-Month Warranty which was in place at the time of purchase. All T&Cs will remain the same.