Hi guys, I’m Michael the founder of Masseuse Massage.

Here at Masseuse we absolutely love massage and we’re product geeks and what we do is we constantly search the world for the best massage products.

They’re going to help you relieve pain and improve your world.

Today I’m here to talk to you about this awesome 3D back massager.

Why is it so awesome?

Let me show you, it’s tiny, it’s portable and once you switch it on you can see these amazing 3D massage hands fire up.

Basically, it's designed predominantly to be used in a chair, we can apply as much pressure as you need to, to any part of your back.

In addition to why this is such an amazing little product, it’s got these elastic straps here, you can apply as much pressure as you need to, to any part of your body.

So I really love it on my neck, I’d love to be able to leave it there all day.

I also like using it on my lower back so you don’t even need to be in a chair for it to be effective and you can see here it works an absolute truth.

It can also go on your quadriceps, the soles of your feet for reflexology, your hands or your arms.

It’ll cover you from top to toe.

The other beauty of it being cordless and small is you can take it anywhere so you can take it in the passenger seat of your car, any room of your house.

You don’t have to have a cord attached to it, you could even take it on holidays and put it in a caravan or something like that.

Pretty amazing right?

The other thing that's important to us is quality, this has been signed off by a lot of international retailers that we do business with.

We also have a twelve-month warranty so if you ever have any problems you can contact us and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Where is it available?

Right now it’s available through all bad back stores in Australia and also on backbacks.com.au, in addition to that it’s also available on our website.

If you have any pain, if you have any stress and you just want to relax at all do yourself a favor, get your hands on one of these little beauties and it’s going to make your world better.

Have a great day.