Hi guys, I’m Michael the founder of Masseuse Massage and I’m back with some more amazing products for you.

At Masseuse we love massage and we’re absolute product geeks so we constantly search the planet for the best massage products available.

They’re going to help relieve your pain and make your world better.

Today I’m here to talk to you about this important 3D neck and shoulder massager.

Why is it so awesome?

Once you fire it up you can see these two strong 3D kneading hands start they’re magic.

They’re also heated so not only do they do a deep tissue massage, they make your muscles more elastic so they can get deeper in your pain points and make your muscles feel even better.

It’s got these amazing handles on so that you can apply a lot of pressure to your neck.

It’s easily my favourite massager that I’ve ever found, this spot is one of my favourites for sure and the amount of pressure that I can actually put on there between my shoulder is pretty cool.

In addition, you could do lower back and also designed to do the soles of your feet, your forearms, your quadriceps, it’ll cover your whole body basically any pain points that you have.

It’s obviously very portable but it can also be used in a chair if you are sitting in the couch which will allow it to apply even more pressure.

It’s got an automatic program when you turn it on you can see there’s the controls there if you want to change the direction you just press this little button which customizes it.

Because certain pain points on certain people actually get more a effective massage depending on which way the 3D massage hands are turning.

You can also turn off the heat if you prefer it without or if you’re in a warmer climate.

As far as quality goes we’ve had this signed off by a lot of our international retail partners

It’s also got a twelve-month warranty so if you ever have any problems, if you ever have any issues you just give us a call and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Where is it available?

It’s available in all bad back stores around Australia, also on their website badbacks.com.au and obviously, you can contact us directly.

If you have any pain areas, need to reduce your stress or just want to improve your world, get one of these little babies at home and it's going to do just that.

I hope you have an awesome day.