What is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Zero gravity massage chairs are quickly gaining popularity for their superior full-body massage functions. These chairs can give you a full-body deep tissue massage, are good for back pain, improve blood flow, and help with stress relief. 

A zero gravity massage chair will make you feel like you’re floating and give you a range of health benefits while you lie back and relax.

What Does a Zero Gravity Massage Chair Do?

Gravity continuously puts pressure on our bodies, forcing our spine and joints to adopt unnatural positions. This results in bad posture, back and joint pain, and discomfort. A zero gravity massage chair follows the natural shape of your spine, creating an S-shape and raising your legs above your heart level. ‘Zero gravity’ is named for the position astronauts take on while in zero gravity and mimics the weightless, floating feeling of being in space.

Ordinary massage chairs rely only on massage technology, using motors and rollers to create pulses and vibrations. These may provide temporary relief; however, they do not provide the same range of health benefits as a zero gravity massage chair. And while some ordinary massage chairs may recline, the S-curve angle to give you a superior experience is unique to zero gravity massage chairs. 

What is Zero Gravity Positioning?

The zero gravity position comes from a concept developed by NASA to incorporate comfort and functionality in zero gravity situations. It refers to a position in which your legs are raised above your heart level, relieving pressure on the spine, improving blood flow and making you feel more relaxed.

Raising your legs above heart level simulates weightlessness and allows blood – and oxygen – to flow more easily through your body. This position is often used by astronauts in space and is said to be one of the best positions to relax and sleep if you suffer from back pain. It’s especially good for lower back pain, as it relieves pressure from your abdomen and tail bone (coccyx) area. 

Of course, you’re not actually reclining in zero gravity. However, the position mimics the sensation by evenly distributing gravitational pressure across your entire body.

Benefits of a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Not only do zero gravity massage chairs give you an ‘out-of-this-world’ relaxing experience, but it also has a range of health benefits too. 

Reduce back pain 

Zero gravity massage chairs reflect the natural S-curve of our spines, which are often forced into unnatural positions when we sit or stand for long periods of time, making them suitable for back pain. The zero gravity position provides the least amount of gravitational pressure on our bodies, relieving tension on strained muscles and reducing stress on common problem areas, such as the lower back, to give you a relaxing experience like no other. 

Combining zero gravity positioning with full-body deep-tissue massage technology can provide much-needed relief for sore, tired muscles and alleviate back pain.

Increase blood flow

The zero gravity position also improves circulation, allowing blood to flow to your muscles and improve muscle health. The combination of the zero gravity position and a high-quality massage function allows a zero gravity massage chair to relieve tense muscles and allow better blood flow. 

And good blood flow helps our organs function, keeps our heart healthy and helps heal wounds and injuries faster. 

Reduce swelling

The build-up of fluids and poor circulation can result in uncomfortable, and even painful, swelling. This often occurs in the feet and ankles, arms and wrists, but can affect most joints where fluid can settle. 

By elevating the legs above heart level and improving blood flow, fluid is less likely to settle in joints and cause swelling. Pairing the zero gravity position with superior massage technology further improves circulation and provides much-needed relief to swollen joints. 

Breathe easier 

One-quarter of all Australians will experience anxiety conditions at some point in their lives. Managing anxiety is crucial in maintaining our wellbeing and mental health. How we manage anxiety is deeply personal and will be different for everyone. However, combining zero gravity positioning with breathing exercises can significantly reduce feelings of stress. 

Stress and anxiety can manifest in many different ways, including:

  • Muscle aches and tension
  • Headaches
  • Stomach and abdomen pain
  • Clenched jaw 

Stress can also contribute to long-term health problems like heart disease. Zero gravity massage chairs target the physical symptoms of stress by improving circulation and promoting muscle and heart health. Using a zero gravity massage chair as part of a broader mental health and wellbeing strategy may help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Are Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Good for Back Pain?

Zero gravity massage chairs can be great for back pain! By improving blood flow and posture and relieving tension and stress, zero gravity massage chairs can ease back pain.  

Living with back pain impacts every aspect of our life. Sitting or standing for work to spending time with your family can become difficult and limited by intense back pain. 

Reclining in a zero gravity position removes pressure from common problem areas, such as the lower back. By adding a massage function, you’ll also gain all the benefits of a full-body deep-tissue massage. All the benefits of zero gravity massage chairs we explored earlier, including stress relief, improved circulation, better muscle and heart health, help alleviate back pain. 

Where Can I Buy a Massage Chair with Zero Gravity Recline?

Masseuse Massage Chairs has a range of zero gravity massage chairs available at various price points. A high-end zero gravity massage chair can offer customised deep tissue massage, as well as adjusting to the contours of your spine.

A basic starter zero gravity massage chair also offers a more high-quality experience than a regular massage chair and will have varying massage styles on offer in addition to the zero gravity positioning.

Need a hand finding the right zero gravity massage chair? Our team of experts can find the perfect chair for you.