Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®
Therapeutic Dual-Pro®

Therapeutic Dual-Pro®

$21,995.00 $

The Therapeutic Dual-Pro® features one of the largest massage zones along with Advanced 135cm Flexi-Track Rail Technology that contours to the shape of your spine and gives a customised deep tissue massage all over your body in all the right places. The Advanced Flexi Technology allows you to experience a full body stretch unlike in other massage chairs, where the stretch is focused on a specific part of your body.

With its sleek and modern design, the latest features and the most advanced technology, The Therapeutic Dual-Pro® is the absolute top of the range massage chair. If you like a little more luxury in life, look no further.

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180 watts
Upright size
170cm (L) x 85cm (W) x 125cm (H)
Reclined size
205cm (L) x 85cm (W) x 83cm (H)
Box size
137cm (L) x 85cm (W) x 123cm (H)
This chair is delivered in a box. Please note these measurements when you are collecting the chair from a transport depot to place in your vehicle and moving it through your front or back door.
Packing size

160cm (L) x 85cm (W) x 88.5cm (H)

Lower leg:
56cm (L) x 54cm (W) x 61cm (H)

56cm (L) x 54cm (W) x 61cm (H)

Net weight
Gross weight

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Buying a massage chair is an investment in your health. We empower you with the knowledge on how to best integrate the chair into your daily routine.


Advanced Dual-Pro® 4D Massage Technology
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The only chair ever created with two powerful massage hands to simultaneously massage your upper and lower body. The dedicated lower-body massage hand works on your aches in the waist, hip and lower back, while the upper-body massage hand has the capability to pivot 30 degrees and apply downward pressure on your neck and shoulders. This market-leading innovation combined with the Flexi-Track™ Rail Technology makes the Therapeutic Dual-Pro® an everlasting investment in your future wellbeing.

Advanced Flexi-Track™ Rail Technology
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The Therapeutic Dual-Pro® features advanced Flexi-Track™ Rail Technology, a 135 cm SL-shaped rail installed within the chair that actually flexs and adjusts during treatment to expertly mould to the shape of your spine. It is the longest rail offered on the market and enables the dual-action massage hands to reach more of your lower back area, including the hips, tailbone and the top of your glutes. This extends beyond the typical treatment area of most massage chairs, meaning optimal pain relief is always within your grasp.

Brand New True ZeroGravity™
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Feel weightless at the touch of button with True ZeroGravity™. Joined with the power of the Flexi-Track™ you can recline into a horizontal position that feels organic and comfortable. The True ZeroGravity position on the Therapeutic Dual-Pro® is the most advanced ZeroGravity ever giving you the ultimate in relaxation, just like you are floating on a cloud without any pressure on your spine or tired body. The chair assists your spine to align naturally, and instantly relieves pressure on your joints and back.

Reflexology Rollers
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Using ancient Reflexology teachings, this feature concentrates on pressure points in your feet to boost circulation and relieve any pain or tension. This massage philosophy links each pressure point to an organ in the body – meaning the benefits go beyond your feet too.

Hot Stone Massage
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Reach new levels of relaxation by turning on the Hot Stone Massage Treatment in the Therapeutic Dual-Pro® to soothe muscle tension and encourage deeper tissue penetration. Using the latest Graphene technology that heats up to 40 degrees, enjoy an amazing massage experience offering heat therapy in the back, waist and upper leg areas.

Full Body AirSpa® Massage
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The Therapeutic Dual-Pro® has 70 layers of air cushions strategically positioned around your body to apply gentle or firm compression massage. By gripping and briefly squeezing your muscles, this function prompts all areas of your body to relax and unwind.

Dual Directional Electric Foot & Leg Massager
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The feet and legs are not forgotten on your journey to full-body relaxation. The Foot and Leg Massager utilises dual-direction air cushion components that effortlessly move up and down to make full contact with your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

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The ZeroSpace mechanism is designed to ensure that the Therapeutic Dual-Pro® integrates seamlessly into your space. It slides forward on its base to recline, meaning you only need 5cm between the back of your massage chair and the wall.

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Health Benefits

Massage therapy can help with many health issues and concerns, as well as contributing to overall physical and mental wellbeing.
Regular use of a massage chair can be an effective method to reduce stress, pain and muscle tension.
The Therapeutic Dual-Pro® can offer you:

Reduced cortisol levels - the primary stress hormone - for more relaxation

Help with treatment of anxiety and depression

Increased circulation to problem areas

Improved posture

Help with injury rehabilitation

Relief from arthritis and chronic pain

Reduced frequency of migraines

Improved sleep quality

Treatment of muscle fatigue and soreness

Support for a healthy immune system

How it Works

The Therapeutic Dual-Pro® offers elevated comfort, relaxation and pain relief in a few quick taps of a finger.

Activating your Therapeutic Dual-Pro® is easy. Simply follow these steps:


Turn chair on using either the Cordless Touch Screen Tablet Display or the iDrive Quick Start Control Panel that’s accessible on the arm rest of the chair.


Select one of the 12 automatic massage treatments available below or create your own customised treatment.


Adjust the intensity of the massage. Choose gentle pressure to soothe your body or select firmer settings for targeted pain relief.


Recline to the True ZeroGravity™ to experience complete weightlessness or use the arrows to adjust and customise your recline angle.


Every body is different and it’s important to have complete control over your massage experience. This is why the Therapeutic Dual-Pro® has a Cordless Touch Screen Tablet Display that’s interactive and intuitive so you can easily navigate the wide range of features and tailor each massage element to match your requirements.

12 Automatic Massage Treatments

Thai Stretch

Uses the powerful work of two mechanical hands to provide a relaxing yet invigorating session of energy work.

Neck & Shoulder

A combination of kneading, pressing and grabbing massage techniques to ease the pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

Light Stretch

A softer, gentle massage treatment that detoxifies your body and boosts metabolism.

Back & Spine

Focussing on the spine, this massage session can improve circulation, restore energy levels and help to keep pain at bay.

Refreshing Nap

A quick massage session that’s perfect for your lunch break and is also aimed at improving digestion.

Gentle Care

A super soft massage treatment to relax muscles in the back, waist and hips, helping to maintain a balanced metabolism.

Stress Relief

Adopts mild and gentle massage techniques to build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body.

Waist & Hip

This massage session applies a high-frequency vibration technique to improve range of motion in hips and create more waist definition.

Sweet Dreams

A gentle massage session to help you wind down at the end of day and set you up for a deeper sleep.

Royal Treatment

Delivers a medium-high intense massage to release tension from the body and clear the mind for better decision making.

Deep Shiatsu

Releases superficial and deep muscular tension stored in your body using a wide range of massage techniques.

Morning Buzz

A delightful, invigorating and soothing massage session which helps to make the new day easier to face.

Bonus Features

Bluetooth Surround Sound Speakers

Play your favourite music or guided meditations to transport you to a world away.

Wireless Charging Dock & USB Port

Charge your phone while you recharge your own battery.

Adjustable Timer

From a quick 5 minute revitalising sitting to a deep 1 hour rejuvenating session.

What the health experts say

Chris Jellis

Physiotherapist & Owner of Sum of Us Studio

"Massage is such a great tool to not only reduce pain but improve performance. We use it on all patients in the clinic".

Kate Thomas

Health Coach at Kate Thomas Health

"Giving yourself some time to just sit and relax and enjoy a massage is so special. It is an act of self love and appreciation".

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"Fantastic chair, best thing we ever bought. Really great during lockdowns when you can’t get a massage anywhere. It’s a big investment, but worth every penny, don’t wait!"

Sean Clinch - September 16, 2021

"I got this chair for my father for his birthday, we all use it and have added using the chair as part of our daily routine… I have found it so helpful I have reduced my appointments to the chiropractor. I used to see her every 4 weeks, now I have not been for at least 4 months. I highly recommend it, it is relaxing and extremely therapeutic."

Allie (Allie) - September 14, 2021

"Found this chair to be a great investment for myself. Nothing better than a 20min massage at the end of the day. The wife doesn’t mind it either, apparently when I have a massage before bed I snore less, so she gets a better sleep ( win win) the inbuilt heat pad as put me to sleep several times."

Anonymous - September 7, 2021

"We purchased a massage chair just over a month ago!! Absolutely brilliant!! Both myself and partner are at the age were achey backs are a regular occurrence, it is lovely to know that we can come home from work and hop in the chair and have a lovely massage. Such a small weekly cost when you compare to having weekly massages. We can now have them daily!! The service from masseuse massage chairs was fantastic!! A+"

R A - August 10, 2021

"It has been 6 weeks since the remedial delux chair has arrived and I use it everyday sometimes twice , it truly is the best investment, I have chronic back pain , this chair makes my life bearable, The customer service is amazing and very patient, trust me you will not regret it."

Grace Capaldi - August 6, 2021

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