Massage and your Immune System

Do you feel like you’ve got a cold or flu? Snuggling up on the couch and sipping lemon tea or warm chicken soup is a great way to get your body back to total health. If you regularly get massage treatments, you’ll know how fabulous you feel afterwards. But what can you do if your body aches and you’re not well enough to see a massage therapist? Is it safe to get a massage during flu? Read on to find out how to get the health benefits of massage without leaving home.

Benefits of massage on your immune system

Massage is one of the oldest types of body therapy that involves different levels of pressing, rubbing, and manipulating your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin. Common types of massage include:

Deep massage

Slower and more forceful strokes target the deeper layers of your connective tissues and muscles. 

Swedish massage

Unlike deep massage, this is a gentle type of massage that uses deep, circular movement and long strokes to help you feel energised and relaxed.

Sports massage

Like Swedish massage, this type of massage can help treat and prevent injuries and is ideal for people who play sports.

The health benefits of massage include helping your body release tension and pain while improving flexibility, energy levels and circulation. A clinical study in 2010 at the Cedar-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles was one of the first extensive studies to discover that massage creates a measurable effect on the body’s immune system. While a clinical study in 2012 indicated that the benefits of repeated massage over five weeks could improve the immune function. 

Increased white blood cell activity

White blood cells perform many repair and growth functions in your body, and after a massage, this activity increases. In 2021, a study from the University of Roehampton in Britain discovered that white blood cells can increase up to 70% after a massage. The nerves that connect your skin to organs are stimulated during a massage, leading to white blood cells (also called T lymphocytes) being released into your blood. This process boosts your immunity and helps defend your body from disease.

Reduced stress and increased health

Having a massage feels good physically, but it can significantly affect your emotional and mental health. A 2020 study investigated whether regular massages can reduce stress and increase physiological and psychological relaxation. This study of 60 healthy women measured relaxation states by high-frequency heart rate variability changes. It found that regular massages reduced stress and improved feelings of peace.

Increased circulation and lymphatic flow

Your lymphatic system removes toxins and wastes from your body tissues. When your lymphatic flow improves, your body will be better able to fight inflammation, infection, and disease. In 2014 a University of Illinois study found that “massage therapy improves general blood flow and alleviates muscle soreness after exercise.” These vascular function benefits also extended to people who hadn’t exercised, suggesting that massage is beneficial for everyone, regardless of their physical activity levels.

Massage for health - stay healthy this winter!

The cooler weather, rainy days and grey skies during winter can make it challenging to stay fit and healthy in winter. While a walk or run outside and a gym session will make you feel fabulous, it’s just as important to take care of your mental health.

Cold weather can increase muscle aches and pains. Regular massage will increase circulation, improve blood pressure, and increase oxygen flow throughout your body. Your body will feel better after a massage, but because your cortisol levels drop, you’ll feel less stressed and happier. 

Massage Chairs - fight the flu from home 

What do you do if you feel unwell and want a massage? Leaving your home to see a massage therapist may spread the infection and if you’re feeling ill, driving in traffic is the last thing you’ll feel like doing. But it’s possible to have a massage during flu at home if you’ve got a Masseuse massage chair.

Our range of high quality, full body massage chairs feel like you’re in the care of three masseurs, working on your tired and aching body at once. Masseuse Massage chairs provide deep massage therapy from the comfort of your home. Our full body massage chairs mimic the motions of massage therapists to provide all the benefits of massage from your home, including:

  • Deep relaxation.
  • Improved circulation.
  • Lowered pulse rate.
  • Increased metabolism.

When you get a Masseuse Massage chair, you can transform your health and wellbeing from the privacy of your home.

Choose a health-focused massage chair today!

When choosing a health massage chair, the company you choose must have a good track record of customer service, excellent warranty conditions and efficient delivery service. Our range of health massage chairs includes Health+ Massage Chair, Physio+ Massage Chair and Remedial Deluxe+ Massage Chair.

Health+ Massage Chair

Are you feeling tired and achy? Lie on our Health+ Massage Chair and wait for the automatic body scan to analyse where your body needs the most work. Featuring an Air Spa massage intensity adjustment and multi-dimensional reflexology rollers, this massage chair provides a fantastic massage experience at unbeatable value. And to complete your relaxing massage, the hot stone massage therapy feature relieves joint and muscle aches and pains.

Physio+ Massage Chair

The Physio+ Massage Chair delivers the most realistic, full-body massage ever provided by a massage chair. Using state of the art technology, you’ll enjoy the feeling of the multi-dimensional massage hands that work with the air cushions to reduce stress and alleviate pain.

Remedial Deluxe+ Massage Chair

Our Remedial Deluxe+ Massage Chair delivers a first-class massage experience in comfort and luxury. Combining the latest 4D Intelligent technology with therapeutic ZeroGravity capabilities to provide the most realistic massage, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get this health massage chair sooner.

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