Physio+ Massage Chair
Physio+ Massage Chair
Physio+ Massage Chair
Physio+ Massage Chair
Physio+ Massage Chair
Physio+ Massage Chair
Physio+ Massage Chair
Physio+ Massage Chair
Physio+ Massage Chair

Physio+ Massage Chair

$8,495.00 $

The Physio+ Massage Chair combines 135cm SL Track technology with therapeutic ZeroGravity capabilities to deliver the most realistic, full body massage ever provided by a massage chair. Enjoy the feeling of the multi-dimensional massage hands that work with the air cushions to alleviate pain and reduce your stress.


Why Masseuse Massage chairs?

100% Australian Owned

We have been providing high quality massage chairs with first-class service for over 16 years.

40-Day Hassle Free Trial

Buy with peace of mind and enjoy the benefits of a massage chair in your home hassle-free for 40 days.

Complimentary 5-Year Warranty

Our massage chairs are of superior quality and that’s why we offer the best warranty policy.

Free Shipping

We have a wide service network within Australia and offer free delivery to all metro areas.

Best Price Guarantee

If you find the same massage chair for a better price at an Australian competitor store, we will beat it by 10%. This includes sale items.

Extraordinary After Sales Service

Buying a massage chair is an investment in your health. We empower you with the knowledge on how to best integrate the chair into your daily routine.


SL-Track Technology
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Our state of the art SL-Track technology arises from continuous advancements made in rail engineering. The Physio+ Massage Chair features an extra-long SL-shaped curved rail to provide fuller coverage for a far more comprehensive massage that contours to your spine.

The Physio+ is designed with an independent set of rollers dedicated to providing constant and customisable kneading to the neck and shoulder area. The massage hands can be manually adjusted to suit your preferences and used in combination with the heat function, will deliver massage benefits deep into your upper body area.

Hot Stone Massage
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The Physio+ features a Hot Stone Massage treatment that radiates heats up to 50˚C to soothe sore muscles and making them more elastic to improve the massage experience. Heat is proven to assist with alleviating pain during massage and we always recommend to have this feature turned on to give you a comprehensive massage experience.

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With only 5cm required between the back of your chair and the wall, enjoy more chair with less room. The ZeroSpace Technology means the chair slides forward when reclining and only needs a small amount of space behind it to fully recline.

Calf Extension
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The Physio+ features an adjustable leg unit so that you can extend the leg unit out up to 20cm to accommodate the different heights of users. This gives you a more tailored massage so that your Physio+ is at the perfect length every time.

Voice Control
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To engage your Physio+, just say “Hey Alice” which allows you to turn your massage chair on and off, select the automatic massage treatments and adjust the recline of your massage chair using simple voice commands. It is easy to use and gives you full control for the perfect massage every time.

Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers
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Whether you want to meditate or listen to your favourite music, add another layer to your massage with the Bluetooth Surround Sound Speakers. Playing music during your treatment stimulates your senses and gives your massage a whole other dimension.

Quick Start Control
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Always be in control with the Quick Start Arm Control. This is a control panel on the armrest of the chair that allows you to turn your Physio+ on and off, move through the automatic massage treatments and adjust the recline of your massage chair with ease.

Remote Control
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Control your massage with the easy to use Remote Control. With its sleek design and simple functionality, you can tailor every element of your massage just the way you like it. 

The Physio+ even has your phone battery covered with a USB port so you can charge your phone or device while you’re enjoying the ultimate massage.

Leg AirSpa® Massage
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Feel relief in your legs like never before with the latest technology. The Physio+ features a state of the art Kneading leg massager that is designed to target aches and pains specifically in your legs, alleviate joint pain and increase blood circulation. The air cushions move in a rotating pattern while compressing around your legs and feel just like a real Kneading massage by a professional masseuse. Give your legs the treatment they deserve and indulge in a full leg massage that results in complete relaxation.

Arm AirSpa® Massage
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Set with 12 adjustable hand and arm air cushions to wholly relax and refresh you from your arms to your fingers. The air cushions are designed to inflate around your natural body shape to relieve tension as well as improve blood flow and circulation.

Foot Air Cushions
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The foot air cushions, relieve your feet by focussing on major points. Set the perfect intensity with adjustable speed and strengths.

Reflexology Rollers
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An absolute customer favourite is the amazing Reflexology Rollers. The air cushions work in sync with the sole rollers to focus on major reflexology pressure points and alleviate any pain or discomfort. Sit back, relax and let the Physio+ soothe your feet and improve your circulation.

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Health Benefits

Massage therapy can help with many health issues and concerns, as well as contributing to overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Regular use of a massage chair can be an effective method to reduce stress, pain and muscle tension.

The Physio+ can offer you:

Reduced cortisol levels - the primary stress hormone - for more relaxation

Help with treatment of anxiety and depression

Increased circulation to problem areas

Improved posture

Help with injury rehabilitation

Relief from arthritis and chronic pain

Reduced frequency of migraines

Improved sleep quality

Treatment of muscle fatigue and soreness

Support for a healthy immune system

What is ZeroGravity?

The ZeroGravity function enables the chair to recline to a position where your legs are elevated higher than your heart in order to release stress and deliver a feeling of weightlessness. This technology has been developed and determined by the US Space Program to be the most comfortable and effective position to experience a massage and relieve muscle tension.

The ZeroGravity feature is the best seating position to take pressure of your back & spine and relieve you from your aches and pains. The position of the ZeroGravity functions lies you on your back and gives you the feeling of complete weightlessness all at the touch of a button. You have never experienced true relaxation until you experience ZeroGravity.

40 day Hassle Free In-home Trial
1. Order
2. Fast shipping to your home
3. 40 day trial period

24 air cushions work in synchronisation with the intelligent massage rollers

What the health experts say

Chris Jellis

Physiotherapist & Owner of Sum of Us Studio

"Massage is such a great tool to not only reduce pain but improve performance. We use it on all patients in the clinic."

Kate Thomas

Health Coach at Kate Thomas Health

"Giving yourself some time to just sit and relax and enjoy a massage is so special. It is an act of self love and appreciation."

Bonus Features

Bluetooth Surround Sound Speakers

Play your favourite music or guided meditations to transport you to a world away.

USB Port

Charge your phone while you recharge your own battery.

Adjustable Timer

From a quick 5 minute revitalising sitting to a deep 1 hour rejuvenating session.

5 Year Platinum Warranty

Masseuse Massage is proud to offer the most inclusive and affordable 5-Year Warranty in the country!
We don’t just believe in the superior quality of our massage chairs, we back that up with the best warranty in Australia.



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