Buyer's Guide: 5 Best Massage Chairs of 2023

When looking at massage chairs and deciding which one is best for you, research is key. And what John, Jack, and Jill might recommend may not be the chair that meets your needs. With so many different options on the market today, how can you know which massage chair will give you the pain relief and relaxation that you’re specifically looking for? 

Worry not, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a massage chair buying guide to seamlessly walk you through the process. This guide will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on the perfect chair for you. Continue reading below to discover the 5 best massage chairs of 2023 and a detailed list of terminology, styles, special features, price points, and more.

Massage Chair Terminology

  • 3D Massage - Massage hands or rollers that move up and down, side to side, and push out into your back.
  • 4D Massage - 3D massage hands on a SL-Track rail which extends into the glutes to provide another massage dimension.
  • Body Scan - Maps your body and customises your massage treatment to your unique height and weight.
  • I-Track - A straight rail that has a limited range of motion.
  • L-Track - An L-shaped rail that extends down the back and under the glutes.
  • S-Track - A rail that follows the natural curve of the spine, moving up and down from the neck to the lower back.
  • SL-Track - A long SL-shaped curved rail that provides full coverage to give you a comprehensive massage across the whole spine area. 
  • Flexi-Track - An extra-long SL-shaped rail that adjusts to follow the natural curvature of your spine. 
  • Full Body AirSpa® Massage - Air cushions that work harmoniously to reduce swelling and release tension in your body.
  • Hot Stone Therapy - Soothes muscle tension and encourages deeper tissue penetration. 
  • Reflexology Rollers -  Concentrates on pressure points in your feet to boost circulation and relieve any pain or tension.
  • Zero Gravity - Chair reclines into a horizontal position creating a sense of weightlessness relieving pressure on your spine.
  • Bluetooth - Connects to built-in speakers to enjoy music or guided meditation during your massage.
  • Voice Control - Controls your massage by telling your chair which program option you want.  

  • The 5 Best Massage Chairs of 2023


    The Health+ has been upgraded and is better than ever. The automatic body scan feature scans from head to toe for a euphoric massage experience. 

    With AirSpa® intensity adjustment and multi-dimensional Reflexology Rollers, you’ll receive a truly fantastic massage at a price that is well worth it. The Health+ also boasts 6 manual and 10 automatic massage treatments and Hot Stone Massage therapy.

    At $5,995 and with our 3-year, peace of mind warranty, the Health+ is an incredible option to consider. The black and cream colourways offer two different but equally pleasing colour options that you are sure to love.


    Voted Australia’s best massage chair on, the Physio+ combines SL-Track technology with Zero Gravity capabilities. Together they give an almost 1:1 full body massage, the most realistic ever by a massage chair. 

    The Physio+ features Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology Rollers, ZeroSpace, Bluetooth speakers, and more. And with the Quick Start arm control panel for ease of use, the Physio+ is a truly supreme massage chair. It’s available in smooth cream and rebellious black colourways.

    At a competitive price of $8,495, the Physio+ is the ultimate bang for your buck massage chair. The 3-year warranty comes as standard and is a great, free option; if you don’t opt for the 5-year Platinum warranty upgrade.

    Ultimate Chiro™

    The 2023 award-winning Ultimate Chiro gives you the best in aesthetics and ergonomics with a luxurious finish. Coming in colourways like latte, red, and black, the Ultimate Chiro™ includes features such as SL-Track Technology, Zero Gravity and AirSpa® Massage.

    Priced at a very competitive $8,995, this chair offers first-class quality that will fit your budget. The 5-year Platinum warranty upgrade is affordable and will keep you covered in times of need. The features of this chair rival the best and the comfort and relaxation are in a class of their own.

    Remedial Deluxe+™

    The Remedial Deluxe+ features the latest 4D technology. It gives you an even more realistic full-body massage experience that you just have to try for yourself. 

    With colours such as black, cream, black/cream, and red, this chair delivers comfort and luxury in ways you can’t imagine.

    Priced at $12,995, which is an absolute steal, this chair delivers a deep, multi-dimensional massage and more features than we can even name. Buyers of the Remedial Deluxe+ luxury massage chair will benefit from the most inclusive 5-year Platinum warranty in the country as well.

    Therapeutic Dual-Pro™

    The Therapeutic Dual-Pro™ has one of the largest massage zones and boasts advanced 135cm Flexi-Track Rail technology. This innovative technology contours to the shape of your spine, giving a customised deep tissue massage in all the right places. 

    The sleek and modern design of the Therapeutic Dual-Pro also comes in black, champagne, chocolate, grey/black, space grey/chocolate, and white colourways that are sure to satisfy. This chair is covered by a complimentary 3-year warranty with an option to upgrade to our comprehensive 5-year Platinum Warranty.

    At $21,995, the Therapeutic Dual-Pro is simply the best massage chair in the world. With advanced technology and a plethora of great new features, the Therapeutic Dual-Pro is luxury and functionality all wrapped up in one.

    Massage Chairs Buyer’s Guide


    It is important to choose a chair that fits the aesthetics of your home. Colour is another component to consider and we offer many different options to choose from. Try visualising a place where your chair will complement the rest of your furniture before you make a purchase.

    You should aim to place your massage chair in spaces that would fit seamlessly, such as your lounge room, bedroom, home theatre room and study.

    Massage Type

    The best chairs deliver a vast array of massage techniques including kneading, rolling, compression, and more advanced features like advanced 4D massage and Flexi-Track rail technology. The key focus is choosing a massage chair that’s worth the money and suits your needs.


    Consider things like Hot Stone Therapy, Reflexology Rollers, Zero Gravity, Bluetooth and other features we’ve mentioned when choosing your chair. 

    Massage chairs today are more advanced than ever, so there may be functions you didn’t even know existed that can enhance your overall massage experience. We recommend researching the features and specifications of a massage chair before making a final decision.


    A low-cost massage chair may tempt you because of the price tag, but this will rarely provide the benefits that a more high-end chair would offer. While you shouldn’t automatically go for the most expensive chair either, taking the time to read through the features, and specifications and making an informed decision based on your needs is usually your best bet.

    Remember, a massage chair is a long-term investment.  If you have any questions, reach out for a free consultation with a Masseuse Massage Chair specialist.

    Massage Chair Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What should I look for in a massage chair?
  • As with most questions relating to massage chairs, this will entirely depend on your personal preference and need. 

    A general rule of thumb is to separate features into categories. What features are you specifically looking for versus the features that would be nice to have but are not entirely necessary.

    Some key factors to always consider are price, style, and massage type. Figuring these out first will give you a solid idea of the type of chairs that fit your specific wants and needs. From there you can narrow down your options and start looking for chairs that both fit your budget and have all the features most important to you.

  • Q: How frequently can I use a massage chair? 
  • This depends on the massage functions that you’re using and for how long you are using them. For example, you can well and truly use your chair twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, for 20 minutes each session, before and after work and notice the benefits. 

    Using different massage modes and varying levels of intensity is key. For example,  if you are using a massage chair’s roller component in the mornings, you are going to need to give your muscles time to recover. You can do this by getting in a full-body AirSpa® massage the next day, or even a stretch session that same evening. 

    If you suffer from conditions such as chronic back pain or headaches, then daily massages may make more sense. The head pillow offers excellent support, and certain types of massages are ideal for dealing with back pain as well.

    Just be careful to not overdo any of the more intense massage functions as excessive use is known to cause inflammation, bruised tissue, and muscle damage. Remember, the overuse of a massage chair does not outweigh the perceived benefits.

  • Q: What is the exterior material of most massage chairs?
  • The exterior of most massage chairs is vegan PU leather and linen fabric. However, you may find some of the higher-end massage chairs use durable vegan leather. 

    Synthetic leather exteriors come with antimicrobial properties which can be great for those with sensitive skin.

  • Q: What are the different massage techniques of a full-body massage chair?
  • All massage chairs have different techniques that can include kneading, rolling, and compression. These target different areas of the body and massage them in different ways to offer a full-body massage reminiscent of what you would receive from a massage therapist.

    Nowadays, many massage chairs have roller components, air cushions, and more. The roller components further imitate the techniques a massage therapist would use to relieve pressure and tension. The air cushions are airbags made of polyurethane that are filled with a small compressor that gently applies pressure throughout the body.

  • Q: How much electricity does a massage chair use? 
  • You’ll be glad to know that massage chairs are surprisingly efficient. Most massage chairs today consume around 180 – 220 watts when operating. This is less than most home appliances. 

    It is also important to note that the number of features can also affect wattage. But your utility bill shouldn't be affected too much by using your chair one hour at a time, for a few days a week. 

    Just consider your massage chair usage compared with using a desktop computer for several hours daily. For reference, using your massage chair for 30 minutes requires the same amount of energy as popping a bag of popcorn for 3 minutes.

    Where to Buy Your Massage Chair

    While you can purchase massage chairs in-store and try them out before buying, many brands and models are only available online. But by consulting with massage chair specialists and utilising the information in this blog, you should be able to make an informed decision that you will be delighted with.

    Masseuse Massage Chairs can assist you on your buying journey. With all of the chairs mentioned in this article available on our website, all you have to do is call 1300 054 055 to get a free consultation. We offer many additional benefits, such as white glove installation, a 40-day money-back massage guarantee, interest-free payment plans, and more!