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The Platinum combines the latest 4D Intelligent technology with Zero Gravity capabilities to give you the most realistic full body massage ever.
When you're tired from a long day on your feet or in front of a computer, you need to unwind in the simplest way possible. That's why we've searched the globe for a massage chair capable of providing instant stress-relief and maximum comfort. We've put in the time and the hard work finding the best chair at the best price, so you don't have to!

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30 day money back guarantee

Have complete peace of mind knowing that you can relax & enjoy all the benefits of a massage in the comfort of your home risk free for 30 days.

free 3 year warranty

We offer an industry-leading 3-Year Warranty free with all our massage chairs. We stand by the superior quality of our massage chairs, and back that up with the best warranty policy in Australia.

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We have the widest delivery service network within Australia and offer FREE metro delivery throughout all of Australia.

best price guarantee

If you find the same massage chair at any of our Australian competitor’s stores for a better price, even if it is on sale, we will beat it by 10%.

100% australian family owned

We are Australia's most trusted brand to buy massage chairs and we have been providing legendary service to our awesome customers for over 15 years

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The Platinum

Enjoy a relaxing massage at your home everyday with the all new Platinum!
Massage is one of the oldest remedies for muscle pain, tension and fatigue. Not only does it soothe aches and pains, but it increases blood flow and muscle elasticity. Sit down in a Masseuse Massage massage chair for just 15 minutes and you'll feel rejuvenated and relaxed!

Complex multi-directional massage techniques with countless depths & strengths

Advanced floating mechanics

Designed to fit the natural shape of the body

Intelligent body detection technology

4D Intelligent massage hands deliver a life-like massage experience, manipulating the brain to secrete serotonin and dopamine, thus promoting overall physiological and psychological wellness

What does 4D Intelligent Technology mean for me?

Our 4D Intelligent Technology will assist you on your road to improved mobility through utilising the latest in floating mechanism devices to combine 2D and 3D massage techniques and provide a superior massage experience at all angles, depths and strengths. Additionally, we have incorporated a revolutionary fourth dimension in our Platinum. Our state of the art S-Track technology is designed to reach newfound heights previously overlooked by the average massage chair, ensuring we cater to all your health needs.

Another unique feature of the Platinum is its possession of the most advanced and extensive sensing technology available in a massage chair, measuring the complete range of spinal pressure points to determine the height, breadth and weight of its user. This then enables the smart sensing technology to adjust the focus of the massage rollers and ensure an intensity that is both appropriate and even-spread for a personalised massage experience. This then leaves you free to combat specific pains and trouble areas, including everything from poor circulation to fibromyalgia.

How will Zero Gravity help me?

The Zero Gravity function enables the chair to recline to a position where your legs are elevated higher than your heart in order to release stress and deliver a feeling of weightlessness. This technology has been developed and determined by the US Space Program to be the most comfortable and effective position to relieve muscle pain and tension.

Developed by the US Space Program, the Zero Gravity Function elevates your legs to a position above your heart to release stress, relieve tension, promote circulation and reduce swelling. This function delivers a feeling of weightlessness while utilising your body weight to enhance your massage experience.

Technology developed by US Space Program accessed at the touch of a button

Feeling of true weightlessness

Recline from upright to completely horizontal at the touch of a button

Promotes circulation and reduces swelling

We have recliners & therapeutic chairs to suit a budget, as well as top of the range premium massage chairs to offer heavenly indulgence. When shopping with Masseuse, you can be sure that your purchase will be of the highest quality & backed by our 30 DAY MONEY BACK MASSAGE GUARANTEE.

Masseuse is proud to be 100% Australian owned & operated. We stand by all of our quality massage products. For extra peace of mind we also offer extended in-home service warranties for your new massage chair, so you can enjoy & relax without a care.

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Integrated with the most advanced rail engineering, S-Track Technology mirrors the natural shape of the human vertebrae to relax the spine and relieve tense muscles. The length of the 95cm rail provides a comprehensive full body massage, ensuring no area goes ignored.


The Hot Stone Massage radiates heat of up to 50˚C to relieve cold and pain. The infrared wave lengths match the human body wave lengths to allow better heat absorption to promote a faster metabolism. Heat relaxes the body and opens the muscles, allowing deeper muscle tissue penetration and reducing soreness and recovery time after an intense massage.


This ergonomic design enables use in small spaces. A single touch of the button prompts the massage chair to move smoothly without taking up extra space. To recline safely without touching the wall, the top of the chair only needs to be 5cm away, giving you more room for activities without compromising on the quality of your massage.

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Massage Isn't Just for Relaxation. It Also Helps Reduce Pain & Improves Your Overall Health!

Recent research reveals that massage therapy can help with:

Improve chronic neck & back pain

Reduce the number of migraines & improve sleep quality

Reduce muscle fatigue & soreness from exercise

Help support the healthy function of your immune system

Reduce symptoms of anxiety & depression

Reduce stress while promoting healthy blood pressure & heart rate

Improve circulation

And more...


Improve your life with the Platinum

Arm & Shoulder Air Cushions

Set with 22 adjustable hand, arm and shoulder air cushions.

The air cushions are designed to inflate around your natural body shape.

Relieves tension as well as improve blood flow and circulation in a wave-like motion towards the heart.

Waist Stretch

The waist stretch function is based on chiropractic practices.

It widens the space between the vertebrae.

Help avoid bone spurs and neural compression.

It helps solve herniated and muscle stiffness problems.

Reflexology Massage

Equipped with 3 rows of textured sole rollers.

Designed with 88 massage nodes, work in harmony to emulate a professional foot massage.

Can relieve your feet by focusing on major points.

Set the intensity with adjustable speed and strengths to give yourself the perfect foot massage.

Back and Body Massage  

Massage therapy has long been recognised as having intense medicinal properties, with academics finding that massage can be used effectively to treat a vast range of physiological and psychological conditions. Massage chairs can be used to reduce chronic pains and migraines, decrease fatigue, combat arthritis, decrease symptoms of stress and depression, and improve your overall immune system and mental wellbeing.

The Platinum has numerous manual and automatic functions. It is designed to emulate professional massage techniques such as shoulder grasping, shiatsu, kneading, tapping, 3D and simultaneous kneading and tapping. These advanced techniques and functions provide the finest resulting full-body massage, targeting all areas of the body.

Therapy for the legs and Feet

Our legs and feet are often subject to unprecedented swelling and chronic pain stemming from strenuous exercise, standing all day, or even as a precursor or result of back-related issues. Find relief with the extensive focus of the Remedial Deluxe+ on your lower body.


Three rows of textured sole rollers, designed with 88 massage nodes, work in harmony to emulate a professional foot massage. These, along with accompanying air cushions, relieve your feet by focusing on major points. Set the intensity with adjustable speed and strengths to give yourself the perfect, tailored massage you deserve.


Magnetic therapy is enabled by the presence of eight natural energy magnets in the calf air cushions. Utilising static energy, magnetic therapy helps to effectively alleviate aches and pain in the legs, ankles and feet.

Air Ioniser

This function emits negative oxygen ions to purify the air at a microscopic level.
This reduces the amount of fine particles in the air to optimise environmental conditions and reduce health risks.

It also has an adjustable timer that you can set from a quick 5-minute revitalising sitting to a 40-minute deep rejuvenation session.

Recommended for:


Comfort & stress relief


Soothes fatigue & muscle pain.

Young Adults

Posture therapy & wellbeing


Reduce Muscle stress

Computer Users

Shoulder & back treatment


Relaxation & anti-stress

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