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We’d love to make your world even better!

When you recommend Masseuse Massage Chairs to your friends and they purchase one of our awesome massage chairs, we’ll reward you with $200 Cashback.

It’s so easy! The more friends that you put into a Masseuse Massage Chair the richer you get, so don’t be shy - start spreading the word today!

Refer a friend

    Terms & Conditions

    How does it work?

    1. We’ll need to identify you as an existing customer of Masseuse Massage Chairs and that you purchased your awesome massage chair directly from us. Complete the form on this page to provide your full details along with the name and contact details of your friend.

    2. If you refer a friend we’ll reward you with $200 cashback and your friend with a $200 discount off their new massage chair.

    3. Cashback offer only applies to massage chairs purchased directly from Masseuse Massage Chairs and excludes purchases made from premium authorised retail partners or Costco, online or in store, and Chrisco.

    4. The cashback and discount will only be paid at the expiration of our 40 Day Hassle Free In-Home Trial.

    5. Massage chairs sold at a significant discount, floor stock models, second hand chairs and accessories are excluded from this cashback offer.

    Please note:
    Masseuse Massage Chairs reserves the right to withhold a $200 cashback payment or $200 discount if the referring customer does not inform the Masseuse Sales Representative, at point of sale, that they have been referred by the original purchaser before the final price of the chair is determined.