The complementary approaches to easing pain are becoming more mainstream. 

Millions of adults suffer from osteoarthritis throughout the world. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint disease that has been described as ‘wear and tear’ of weight-bearing joints of the body. This causes changes in joints, cartilage, lining and underlying bone.

The treatment often includes pain and stiffness management as well as joint mobility improvement. 

Knee pain is quite frustrating, especially when it starts to act as an obstacle in your day-to-day activities.



As you age, you may realize the need to push the knee through pain and the longer you try to push through pain, the more likely you will be to find yourself seeking treatment later on. A massage therapy is a great way to treat and better understand the root of your knee pain.

Research says ‘chronic osteoarthritis responds well to massage.’ Pain is relieved as the muscles surrounding the joints relax, thus releasing stiffness and allowing for a better range of motion and mobility.

The soothing massage movements help in increasing blood circulation in the body. As the flow of blood increases, the pain and stiffness is reduced. In addition, when the flow of blood is increased, it means there is an increased supply of essential nutrients to the body. This will enhance the functioning of the body organs.

‘A study published in 2006 in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that people who received massage therapy for knee osteoarthritis reported improvements in their pain and stiffness.’

Massage is the most effective natural therapy for knee pain and stiffness. Even sport professionals who suffer from muscle pull or strain can benefit a lot from massage.

The therapy also increases the production of serotonin which acts as a natural pain reliever which reduces anxiety and promotes better sleep.

In addition, massage has been found really helpful in the recovery process.If you have suffered from knee injury, a regular massage, even using a massage chair, can boost the healing process.

Anyone facing stress on knees, joints or anywhere else can benefit from the effects of a relaxing massage.