Once considered as an exclusive and luxury treat (not if you have your own massage chair!), massage is now recognised as an alternative medicine.


Massage involves the therapeutic manipulation, rubbing and pressing of soft tissues- muscles, ligaments and tendons, relieving pain and tension.


Some of the health benefits of massage include relief from anxiety, cancer, diabetes, heart problems and pain. The soothing therapy help improve the health of skin, improve blood circulation and digestive system functioning.



A recent study that appeared in the American Massage Therapy Association indicates around 50 percent of adults get massage for health reasons and 28 percent sought therapy for relaxation and stress reduction.


Here are a few health benefits of getting a regular massage-


Stress Relief

People have turned to massage as a perfect way to de-stress. Studies confirm that a massage can significantly reduce physical and physiological stress.


A massage therapy increases the production of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine while reducing the cortisol levels, blood pressure, and heart-rate.


Reduce anxiety

A massage therapy has been shown to bring relief for people who are suffering from deep anxiety.


According to a study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research “women with breast cancer who received regular massage had decreased levels of anxiety and hostility.”


Ease muscle tension

The complexities of modern life has made Australians tenser than ever both physically and mentally. Back injuries, muscle tension and joint stiffness is on the rise and a massage is the perfect therapy to reduce tension and soften the impact of stiffness.


Improve sleep

An adequate amount of sleep is important to maintain good health. The good news is massage therapy help you accomplish a state of relaxation, reducing insomnia and improving sleep.


Promote relaxation

Massage reduces the level of stress hormones “cortisol levels” thus promoting relaxation. In a study of the “effects of massage therapy on immune, hematological and psychological state of adults subjects” the researchers concluded that “massage is capable of inducing psychological relaxation.”


Strengthen lower back

A massage therapy will help release the tension and stiffness in muscles and aid lower back pain. Adding a regular massage in your healthcare regime will benefit your health- both physically and physiologically.