Platinum Concierge Service

At Masseuse Massage Chairs, we are proud to offer a 5-star Platinum Concierge Service to our valued customers.

We believe you deserve to live a happy, healthy and long life, that is free from aches and pains, so we have taken the stress out of understanding your new massage chair and are here to help you get closer to feeling your very best every single day.

We recognised our customers need for a high level of service and delivery, so our Platinum Concierge Service provides exclusive access to our dedicated team. They are available to answer any queries you have, whether it be a one-on-one consultation to guide you through how to navigate your brand new Masseuse Massage Chair or assisting you with how to get the most out of the features of your chair.

We hope that you can rest easy knowing that the purchase of a Masseuse Massage Chair will provide a 5-star service to all our clientele through our highly trained team in an endeavour to not only meet, but to exceed their expectations in service and quality.

Our Platinum Concierge Service is available Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm and Saturday - Sunday 11am - 4pm.