Service and Repairs

At Masseuse Massage Chairs, we pride ourselves on the best after sales service you will find. Our service & repairs should have no disruptions due to the latest Government announcements in Victoria.

It is important to note however, our warehouse & Head Service Technician are based in Melbourne. We have plans in place to ensure our 5-star service is not impacted but please bare with us in the instance that it does take a little longer than usual.

We are all in this together. Thanks for your understanding.

Complete this form to email us your service or repair request. Please fill in all fields. Your request may be delayed if there is incomplete information.

Your request will not be processed if you do not provide the serial number and email us a photo of your chair.

If you do not provide an invoice with your request, your chair will be deemed out of warranty and you will be charged a fee for any servicing required.

Our service team are experts at fixing our own range of massage chairs. For this reason, please only lodge a service request with us if you purchased the chair through our website. If you purchased a chair from a different vendor, please contact them for service. 

For instruction manuals or assembly guides for your massage chair, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Here you will find a collection of user guides and parts lists for our range of massage chairs.

Remedial Deluxe Plus 2018 User's Manual
Service Manual
Ultimate Chiro 2018 User's Manual
Service Manual
Health Plus 2018 User's Manual
Health Plus 2017 User's Manual
Therapeutic 2015 User's Manual
Remedial Deluxe 2015 User's Manual
Health Plus 2015 User's Manual
Health Recliner User's Manual
Parts Diagram
Health Plus Recliner User's Manual
Physio Recliner User's Manual
Physio Plus Recliner User's Manual
Parts Diagram
3D Chiro Recliner User's Manual
Remedial Deluxe Recliner User's Manual
Setup Guide
Parts Diagram
Parts List