From our founder & CEO, Michael Clark.

At just 23 years old I had been suffering regular intense back and neck pain from manual labour, bad football injuries and a head on car accident. This all came to a head one day when it got so bad I couldn't stand up and was collapsing from the nerve pain in my spine. I ended up in the emergency room in hospital barely able to move at all.

Luckily the intense pain passed over the next week but I was determined not to let this happen again or let the ongoing pain hold me back from living an active and fun lifestyle.

This is when I realised the lack of options for sustainable, natural & long-term pain relief. I was determined not to let the pain beat me but every option I had tried either felt like a temporary fix or was way too expensive for a young guy on a student budget.

I knew I needed to find an effective, affordable, long-term solution & was lucky enough to stumble across a friends massage chair. I thought it was the best product i had ever used and the solution to all of my problems. I quickly got one in my home and never looked back. This is how Masseuse Massage Chairs came to life.

Seeing the impact that a massage chair had on reducing my pain, stress & long list of other ailments, made me realise the need to get this life changing solution to as many other people out there who were in the same situation as me. I wanted to give them back the power to relieve their aches & pains & get them back to feeling their best and living the life that they wanted.

Now for over 15 years I have been obsessed with finding with the best quality massage chairs on the planet and have built a platform that offers these chairs along with the best warranty programs, delivery options and customer service you will ever come across.

I have heard from many of our customers all around Australia & New Zealand about how much their Masseuse Massage Chair has completely transformed their health and their life & helped them to get back to living the life they deserve.

If you live in pain- you really should see for yourself and experience the relief & health benefits I did from a massage chair.

At Masseuse Massage Chairs it is our mission to share this life changing solution with as many people as we can.


We want you to be happy not just for the first 5 years, but for the lifetime of your chair! With the best massage chairs and the most 5-star Google reviews out of any massage chair brand in Australia, you know we provide quality and durability.

That's why we offer a best in class limited lifetime warranty on frames, tracks & parts! So you can sit back, relax and enjoy your Masseuse Massage Chair worry free, forever.

*Excludes natural wear and tear & all man made leather.
*All parts are covered so long as they are still being produced by our factory.
*The warranty only covers the original purchaser.