The sports professionals- runners, players and trainers, all have known that a good massage can boost their recovery after a tough race, match or hard workout.

The use of massage therapy is not just limited to easing physical pain and healing injuries, it can reduce stress and help you cope-up with pre-event tension.

As we all know, running requires sustained, repetitive muscle contractions. The greater these contractions are, the greater is the force generated and more muscle fibers are required to shorten. These repetitive muscle contractions translate into speed and power allowing us to run faster. However, this can also translate to shortened, tight muscles, joint range of motion losses and decreased circulation. Massage is a perfect therapy to elongate the muscles, relieve muscle tightness, and improve circulation.

Here are a few benefits of massage therapy for runners-

Prevents injury

When preparing for a major event, the athletes always increase their training practices which may result in muscle pain and fatigue. It is the result of accumulation of lactic acid in our muscles. When left treated, the cumulated lactic acid can cause congestion, tightness and shortening of tissue. It can result in injury. The massage therapy helps prevent the occurrence of tightness in muscles, thus avoiding injuries.

Increase circulation and blood flow

Massage increases the flow of blood and circulation. When there is an increased supply of blood flow, it means essential nutrients and vitamins reach different parts of body. This results in muscle strengthening and flexibility.

Also, when there is an increased flow of blood, it boosts the flushing out of the lactic acid. It is one of the quickest ways to promote muscle recovery. Massage therapy will make you fresh and ready for your next workout.

Improve muscle flexibility

Did you know an improved range of motion can enhance your performance? Massage therapy helps balance the musculoskeletal system. Athletes may experience post-event tightness in the glutes, hamstrings and Achilles tendon. If you have tight calves or hamstrings, it can cause pain in the knees. A massage will help you improve the range of motion and reduce the pain in knees.


Taking a break from your busy schedule and relaxing is important. Relaxation has a myriad of benefits. Massage therapy allows you to relax comfortably. It relaxes your mind, thus reducing stress. It can help you cope with pre-event and post-event stress. Massaging can help you re-energise for the upcoming events.  

Integrate regular massage therapy with a massage chair in your training regime and experience a boost in your performance.