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THERA+ Neck & Shoulder Massager (ON SALE)
THERA+ Neck & Shoulder Massager (ON SALE)
THERA+ Neck & Shoulder Massager (ON SALE)
THERA+ Neck & Shoulder Massager (ON SALE)


THERA+ Neck & Shoulder Massager (ON SALE)

$149.00 $299.00

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Meet your new portable masseuse.

We all know that modern life demands a lot from our body. With the Thera+ Neck & Shoulder Massager, you no longer need to live with constant aches and pains. Featuring 8 Shiatsu kneading rollers that mirror the hands of a professional masseuse, 2 massage directions, 3 massage speeds and built-in heat therapy; the Thera+ provides targeted, soothing relief to where you need it most.

The Thera+ is also cordless and rechargeable, allowing you to alleviate stress and muscle tension on the go. A bonus deluxe carry bag and 12V car charger are included, making it easy to use even while you're away from your Masseuse Massage Chair!

Enhance your wellness regime today with the Thera+ Neck & Shoulder Massager.

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Massage Therapy Has Been Proven to Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Ease Neck Aches
Ease Neck Aches

Indulging in a 60-minute therapeutic neck massage twice per week has been shown to provide significant relief from chronic neck pain, boosting both mood and wellbeing.

Soothe Shoulder Pain
Soothe Shoulder Pain

Two 2017 meta-analyses show that regular therapeutic massage is highly effective in easing shoulder pain, providing significant relief in the short and long-term.

Alleviate Muscle Soreness
Alleviate Muscle Soreness

A 2014 study found that remedial and deep tissue massage supports optimal physical recovery after exercise, speeding up healing by boosting blood flow and reducing muscle soreness.

Melt Away Stress
Melt Away Stress

Regular massage is proven to boost serotonin and reduce cortisol, making it an effective means for calming body and mind, easing stress and enhancing overall health, according to a 2020 University of Konstanz study.

Get Better Sleep
Get Better Sleep

Multiple studies have concluded that a therapeutic massage before bed can significantly enhance sleep quality and duration, and diminish sleep disturbances from shoulder or neck pain.

Restore Shoulder Range of Motion
Restore Shoulder Range of Motion

The muscle releasing and anti-inflammatory effects of therapeutic massage can help loosen tight joints to increase mobility and improve range of motion in the shoulder girdle.

Recommended by Health Experts

Chris Jellis

Physiotherapist and Founder

Domain Health

“When our patients can’t get to the clinic or prefer a personalised massage in their own home, we recommend Masseuse as being the closest we have found to a human touch massage.”

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