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Relieve Chronic Neck And Back Pain With Your Own Personal Massage Chair

Suffering from chronic neck and back pain? Sore muscles and body aches from physical labour or lingering injuries? Wanting to relax and de-stress after a long day? Then this could be the most important thing you read all year, and here’s why:

My name is Michael Clark and my company – Masseuse Massage Chairs – has provided industry-leading massage chairs for everyday Australians for over 15 years. These chairs have amazing benefits such as pain relief, improved blood circulation, sleep promotion and enhanced mobility just to name a few!

Stop Wasting Thousands Of Dollars On Treatments Which Only Last A Few Days

Several bulging discs and compressed nerves gave me chronic back pain for years. Despite trying everything, the only long-term relief I had was from exercise, acupuncture and massage therapy. This got extremely expensive though – which is how I discovered massage chairs and how good they really are.

It was like having my very own full-time massage therapist in your home and on demand. You can have it focus on problem areas and perform different treatments. And with technology such as our *Advanced 4D Massage System, it feels like several massage therapists are treating you at once!

Try One Of Our World-Class Massage Chairs For 40 Days Completely Risk-Free Trial – Only For A Limited Time!

Why Choose Masseuse Massage Chairs?

Best Price Guarantee

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40 Day Returns

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5-Year Warranty

Regular Massages Improve Blood Circulation, Increase Energy Levels And Enhance Sleep Quality

Numerous NCCIH-funded studies have shown massage therapy has a vast range of powerful natural health benefits such as relief from chronic back and neck pain. It also increases energy levels, improves nerve sensitivity and helps promote sleep. It even treats arthritis, migraine headaches and helps regulate blood pressure!

You also benefit from deep relaxation and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It’s a natural way to heal your mind and ease the pain in your body – and you can do it without any dangerous drugs or expensive operations.

Try One Of Our World-Class Massage Chairs For 40 Days Completely Risk-Free Trial – Only For A Limited Time!

Our Industry-Leading Massage Chairs Feel Like Several Therapists Treating You At Once

Advanced 4D Massage System

4D Massage System that feels like the hands of several massage therapists are easing pain and tension in your body at the same time.

Encapsulated Reflexology Foot Massager

A real customer favourite with 3 rows of textured sole rollers and 88 massage nodes working in harmony to emulate a professional Reflexology foot massage.

BioContour S-Track Rail System

Allows the amazing free floating 3D massage hands to contour to the shape of your spine and give a customised deep tissue massage all over your body in all the right places.

Intelli-Scan Technology

The most advanced automatic body scan on the market will determine your problem areas by mapping your unique requirements- finding your pressure points and tense muscles and targeting these areas with specific massage styles and intensities.

Full-body Air-Spa Massage

Relieve muscle and joint pain with *68 air cushions around the body applying compression massage to your arms, shoulders, back, hips, legs & feet.

ZeroGravity Recline Seating Position

The feeling of complete weightlessness at the touch of a button. ZeroGravity is the ultimate seating position and takes all of the pressure off your spine giving instant relief from aches and pains and the experience of true relaxation.

Try One Of Our World-Class Massage Chairs For 40 Days Completely Risk-Free Trial – Only For A Limited Time!

Australia’s Leading Brands Use Masseuse Massage Chairs


Try One Of Our World-Class Massage Chairs For 40 Days Completely Risk-Free Trial – Only For A Limited Time!

Take A Look At Some Of Our Best-Selling Massage Chairs

Try One Of Our World-Class Massage Chairs For 40 Days Completely Risk-Free Trial – Only For A Limited Time!

5 Unexpected Ways to Eliminate Back Pain In Under 30 Minutes

Suffering from body aches and pains and can’t seem to find a sustainable long-term solution to treat it?

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Reduce Muscle Fatigue And Soreness So You Can Stay Active For As Long As Possible

Staying mobile is a major concern as we get older. You want to remain active so you can keep working and prepare for your retirement and enjoy it to the fullest. It’s also important to stay healthy so you can play with your children and grandkids in your golden years. A massage chair is an investment that can help you achieve these lifestyle goals.

Regular massage therapy reduces muscle soreness and body aches from physical labour. Don’t let back pain, aching hips or shoulder tension hold you back any longer. Get relief from your crippling pain before the problem gets any worse.

Instant Pain Relief And Deep Relaxation Anytime You Like – From The Comfort Of Your Loungeroom

Nobody deserves to live in constant pain. Believe me, my back pain was so bad I could barely move – I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. If you’ve ever had bulging discs and nerve pain, you know what I’m talking about. That’s why I was so excited when I finally found relief from massage chairs.

You don’t have to make appointments to see physiotherapists, osteopaths or even massage therapists anymore. You can enjoy instant relief from your pain and melt away in a state of deep relaxation whenever you like – all from your own home!

Try One Of Our World-Class Massage Chairs For 40 Days Completely Risk-Free Trial – Only For A Limited Time!

Massage Is The Perfect Natural Treatment

The reviews are in and the people of Australia have spoken: Masseuse Massage chairs are helping people to treat chronic symptoms and live a better life.

Real People, Real Relief – Hear What Some Of Our Clients Say About Their Experience Using Our Chairs

Try One Of Our World-Class Massage Chairs For 40 Days Completely Risk-Free Trial – Only For A Limited Time!

Flexible Payment Options And Interest-Free Payment Plans Make It Available To All Budgets

Worried you won’t be able to afford it? Don’t stress. It’s my mission to help people experience the same pain relief and health benefits I did with massage chairs – not just maximise profit for my company. That’s why we offer extremely generous payment options and interest-free payment plans.

I’ll be the first to admit – even though you’ll save thousands paying for massage therapists, our chairs still aren’t cheap. However, this is because I’ve scoured the world and these are the highest-quality massage chairs on Earth. Claim your risk-free 40 day trial of one of our chairs today.

See What Health And Medical Experts Say

Giving yourself the time to just sit and relax and enjoy a massage is so special. It is an act of self- love and appreciation which we all need for our mental health.

Kate Thomas

-Health Coach at Kate Thomas Health
Massage is such a great tool to not only reduce pain but improve performance. We use it on all patients in the clinic, but for someone to have access in the comfort of their own home really improves the healing process.

Chris Jellis

-Physiotherapist & Owner of Sum Of Us Studio

Massage Therapy Has Been Scientifically Proven To Improve Your Health And Wellbeing In Many Areas


Ease Chronic Pain In Your Back, Neck And Muscles

Studies have concluded you can get relief from the frustrating pain and niggles in your lower back, neck and muscles by having regular massage therapy.


Reduce Symptoms Of Anxiety, Stress And Depression

Several studies and a 2010 meta-analysis of 17 clinical trials concluded that massage therapy may help to reduce depression and other mental illness.


Treat Painful Joint Problems Such As Osteoarthritis

Massage therapy may help ease and reduce the pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee, according to a 2012 NCCIH-funded study.


Reduce Muscle Fatigue And Soreness From Exercise

Research indicates that massage and myotherapy are effective in managing soft tissue injuries and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).


Promotes And Regulates High-Quality Sleep Patterns

Multiple studies have shown that massage therapy aids in the production of melatonin which promotes healthy deep sleep in both children and adults.


Improve Circulation And Regulate Your Blood Pressure

A study revealed that blood pressure was lowered in pre-hypertensive women using massage therapy and lasted longer than 72hrs after treatment.

Try One Of Our World-Class Massage Chairs For 40 Days Completely Risk-Free Trial – Only For A Limited Time!

See How Masseuse Massage Chairs Compare Against The Competition

Try One Of Our World-Class Massage Chairs For 40 Days Completely Risk-Free Trial – Only For A Limited Time!

No Risk Now, No Risk Later Double Guarantee

40 Day Risk Free Trial

Any order you place with us is covered by our industry-leading 40 day in-home trial. We’re so confident in the quality of our massage chairs that if, for some reason, you’re not completely blown away with your new chair and how it’s relieved your body aches, you can return it within the first 40 days and we’ll refund every single cent you’ve paid us!

10% Price Beat Guarantee

We're committed to delivering the highest quality massage chairs at the best price. That's why if you find the same massage chair at any of our Australian competitors' stores, we guarantee to beat their price by 10% – even if it's on sale!

Try One Of Our World-Class Massage Chairs For 40 Days Completely Risk-Free Trial – Only For A Limited Time!

Here’s What People Are Saying About Their Masseuse Massage Chairs…

Free, No-Obligation 30 Minute “Which Massage Chair Is Perfect For Me?” Consultation


"Cure The Pain” Action Plan (Valued At $297)

With so many massage chairs and features available, it can be difficult to choose the ideal chair that suits your unique needs and budget. We have helped over 5000 Aussies get their lives back by relieving their aches and pains, improving their mobility, reducing their stress and helping them get better sleep at night. We can do the same for you!

In under 30 minutes, we’ll discuss your current situation, identify the cause of the pain you're suffering from and match you with the perfect chair to finally stop the pain once and for all.

PLUS - The First 20 People Who Claim Their Free Consultation Will Receive An Offer For A Whopping 50% Off The Price Of Their Massage Chair For Only

Like I said earlier, maximising profit isn’t my main focus. I want people like you who live in pain to experience the relief and health benefits I did from massage chairs. I want to share it with as many people as I can, which is why you can get your massage chair for up to HALF price – but only if you’re one of the first 20 action takers!

  • Test out your massage chair in your home risk free for 40 days
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  • Flexible payment options and interest free payment plans available

Remember, this offer is strictly limited to the first 20 people who claim their consultation in .

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