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Eye Massager (ON SALE)
Eye Massager (ON SALE)
Eye Massager (ON SALE)
Eye Massager (ON SALE)
Eye Massager (ON SALE)


Eye Massager (ON SALE)

$149.00 $299.00

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Do you suffer from eye strain? Migraines? Insomnia? Stress or anxiety? 

The Masseuse Health & Wellbeing Eye Massager features 4 automatic massage treatments that utilise a combination of AirSpa® massage, vibration, and built-in, soothing heat therapy to gently relax muscles, relieve tension, and refresh your eyes. 

With a luxurious velvet pillow that contours to your face, the Masseuse Eye Massager guarantees a comfortable fit, every time. Enjoy massages on demand, at home or on the go and relax while you listen to your favourite meditation or podcast through the Bluetooth-enabled speakers. Added features include a 180-degree foldable design and a USB charging cable. 

Enhance your wellness regime today with the Masseuse Health & Wellbeing Eye Massager.
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Eye Massage Therapy Has Been Proven to Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Soothe Migraine Pain
Soothe Migraine Pain

According to the International Journal of Neuroscience, twice-weekly massage can soothe the intense pain of migraines, calm migraine-related distress, and contribute to more blissfully headache-free days.

Ease Eye Strain
Ease Eye Strain

Gentle daily eye massages can increase ocular blood flow and supply optimal nutrition to the retina, which revitalises chronically tired eyes, and may even slow the development of vision problems like myopia.

Relieve Eye Pressure
Relieve Eye Pressure

A 2021 study of 518 periocular images revealed that eye massage therapy can diminish eye pressure, helping to prevent damage to the optic nerve and the development of eye problems like glaucoma.

Melt Away Stress, Anxiety & Tension
Melt Away Stress, Anxiety & Tension

Research suggests that pampering yourself with a massage can lift serotonin levels, effectively enhancing both relaxation and alertness, reducing anxiety and imparting a feeling of wellbeing.

Enjoy Better Sleep, Consistently
Enjoy Better Sleep, Consistently

A 2020 trial from Bond University has confirmed that relaxing massage therapy before bed helps the body make melatonin, which promotes deeper, more replenishing and higher quality sleep.

Rejuvenate Dry and Itchy Eyes
Rejuvenate Dry and Itchy Eyes

The therapeutic heat and vibration of massage has proven to clear obstructed glands along the eyelid, keeping the eyes perfectly hydrated and refreshing dry, scratchy eyes.

Recommended by Health Experts

Chris Jellis

Physiotherapist and Founder

Domain Health

“When our patients can’t get to the clinic or prefer a personalised massage in their own home, we recommend Masseuse as being the closest we have found to a human touch massage.”

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