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Reduce chronic pain with on demand massages at home.

Our therapeutic-grade Physio+ massage chair can help you get moving and live life to its fullest.

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Physio+ Best Massage Chair 2023

Physio+ Best Massage Chair 2023
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The Physio+ delivers the most realistic massage ever provided by a massage chair

<p>The Physio+ delivers the most realistic massage ever provided by a massage chair</p>

Integrated with the most advanced rail engineering, SL-Track Technology mirrors the natural shape of the human vertebrae to relax the spine and relieve tense muscles. The 135cm curved rail length provides a comprehensive full body massage, ensuring no area goes ignored.

The advanced multi-dimensional massage techniques provide the same depths and strengths of a life-like massage. Relax while the massage hands stimulate the release of serotonin and dopamine through your body and promote overall physiological and psychological wellness.

The air cushions work in sync with the sole rollers to focus on major reflexology pressure points and alleviate any pain or discomfort. Sit back, relax and let the Physio+ soothe your feet and improve your circulation.

Feel weightless at the touch of a button and recline into a horizontal position that is organic and comfortable. The ZeroGravity position gives you the ultimate in relaxation, just like you are floating on a cloud without any pressure on your spine or tired body.

The centralised carbon fibre heating, located in the back cushion, warms the chair up to 50°C to mimic the benefit of a Hot Stone Massage to relieve cold and pain. This can also aid muscle recovery and encourage better blood flow.

The Physio+ features a kneading leg massager that is designed to target aches and pains specifically in your legs. The air cushions move in a rotating pattern while compressing around your legs and feel just like a real kneading massage by a professional masseuse.

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40 Day Hassle Free In-Home Trial

40 Day Hassle Free In-Home Trial

Try One Of Our Awesome Massage Chairs For 40 Days Completely Hassle Free. Limited Time Only!

At 23, I suffered frequent and intense back & neck pain from football injuries and a severe car accident. I ended up in a hospital emergency room unable to move and needed to find a solution.

For over 17 years, I’ve been obsessed with searching for the highest quality massage chairs on the planet. I love hearing how our world class chairs have completely transformed the health of our customers and given them back the life they deserve.

Michael Clark, Founder of Masseuse Massage

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“When our patients can’t get to the clinic or prefer a personalised massage in their own home, we recommend Masseuse Massage Chairs as being the closest we have found to a human touch massage.”

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