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Ultimate Chiro Adelaide Offer

The Ultimate Chiro is our most popular massage chair and offers the largest massage zone of any chair in the market. 

Our offer specific to Adelaide customers means that when you purchase the Amazing Ultimate Chiro massage chair you'll also receive our Platinum 5 Year In Home Warranty normally valued at $390, absolutely free of charge. This gives you the peace of mind that for the next 5 years you are covered by our amazing warranty program in Australia.

PLUS we love our Adelaide customers so much that we will go even further, and include our premium White Glove installation service where our qualified technicians will bring your chair in to your preferred room of your home and remove all packaging, usually valued at $390, also included absolutely free of charge.

We know these are the best massage chairs you will ever find so we want you to experience all they have to offer with as many massages as you want in the next 50 days with our 100% Risk Free With Our 50 Day Money Back Guarantee. And if you don't love it, then you can send it back to us.


The Ultimate Chiro Massage Chair combines aesthetics with ergonomics in this luxurious design. With integrated advances such as Zero Gravity and L-Track Technology, the Ultimate Chiro offers first class quality and comfort.

Enjoy a full Body Massage in your own home!

When you place the Ultimate Chiro into the ZeroGravity position it takes the pressure from your spine relieving pain and giving you a feeling of weightlessness.
Enjoy the 3D Massage System combined with an L-Track Rail that feels like several massage therapists are treating your body at the same time and gives a customised deep tissue massage all over your body.
Enjoy the Hot Stone Massage treatment that radiates heat up to 50˚C. The heat will loosen up your tight muscles & allow the massage hands to penetrate deeper, into your muscles to destroy any annoying knots.
The Ultimate Chiro offers the largest massage zone with a 135cm L-Track rail that allows the hands to massage from your neck all the way down past your tailbone into the seat and legs.
With the all new Zero Space technology, the Remedial Deluxe+ only requires 5cm of space between the chair & the wall behind it when it is fully reclined.
Textured sole rollers work in harmony to emulate a professional foot massage. These, along with accompanying air cushions, relieve your feet by focusing on major reflexology pressure points.

What is L-Track Technology?

Our state of the art L-Track technology arises from continuous advancements made in rail engineering. The Ultimate Chiro Massage Chair features an extra-long L-shaped curved rail to provide fuller coverage for a far more comprehensive massage.

The Ultimate Chiro is designed with an independent set of rollers dedicated to providing constant & customisable kneading to the neck & shoulder area. The massage hands can be manually adjusted to suit your preferences &, used in combination with the heat function, will deliver massage benefits deep into your upper body area.


From the top of your head, down your neck & shoulders, to your lower glutes & legs, the human like massage design provides an incomparable & professional style of massage to relax your full body.

What is Zero Gravity?

The Zero Gravity function enables the chair to recline to a position where your legs are elevated higher than your heart in order to release stress and deliver a feeling of weightlessness. This technology has been developed and determined by the US Space Program to be the most comfortable and effective position to experience a massage and relieve muscle tension.

Technology developed by US Space Program accessed at the touch of a button

Feeling of true weightlessness

Recline from upright to completely horizontal at the touch of a button

Promotes circulation and reduces swelling


This ergonomic design enables use in small spaces. A single touch of the button prompts the massage chair to move smoothly without taking up extra space. To recline safely without touching the wall, the top of the chair only needs to be 5cm away.


The Hot Stone Massage radiates heats of up to 50˚C to relieve cold and pain. The infrared wave lengths match the human body wave lengths to allow better heat absorption to promote a faster metabolism. Heat relaxes the body and opens the muscles, allowing deeper muscle tissue penetration and reducing soreness and recovery time after an intense massage.


To accommodate the different heights of users, the calf rest frame can extend freely to up to an additional 15cm.

The Ultimate Chiro utilises intelligent massage roller technology to enable multi-directional massages of numerous speeds, widths and strengths. It is designed to emulate professional massage techniques such as shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and simultaneous kneading and flapping.


Specially designed calf, ankle and foot air cushions compress, pause and release air pressure around your legs to achieve three levels of stimulation.


Set with 12 adjustable hand and arm air cushions to wholly relax and refresh you from your arms to your fingers. The air cushions are designed to inflate around your natural body shape to relieve tension as well as improve blood flow and circulation.


The foot air cushions, relieve your feet by focussing on major points. Set the perfect intensity with adjustable speed and strengths.


Advanced sole roller technology moves freely by up to 3cm to emulate a professional foot massage. These, along with accompanying air cushions, relieve your feet by focussing on major points. Set the perfect intensity with adjustable speed and strengths.

Studies Show:

Massage Isn't Just for Relaxation. It Also Helps Reduce Pain & Improves Your Overall Health!

Recent research reveals that massage therapy may help:

Improve chronic neck & back painReduce the number of migraines & improve sleep quality

Reduce muscle fatigue & soreness from excercise

Help support the healthy function of your immune system

Reduce symptoms of anxiety & depression

Reduce stress while promoting healthy blood pressure & heart rateImprove circulation

And more...

Ultimate Chiro Additional Features:

28 air cushions work in synchronisation with the intelligent massage rollers

Recommended for:


Comfort & stress relief


Soothes fatigue & muscle pain. 

Young Adults

Posture therapy & wellbeing


Reduce Muscle stress

Computer Users

Shoulder & back treatment


Relaxation & anti-stress

Castor wheels on the back of the chair make moving the chair around a breeze.

Setup is simple & easy - it just takes 5 minutes to unpack the box & plug the chair into a wall.

Add our 5 Year Warranty

Masseuse Massage is proud to offer the most inclusive and affordable 5-Year Extended Warranty in the country! We don’t just believe in the superior quality of our massage chairs, we back that up with the best warranty in Australia.