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Physio+ Massage Chair

This exclusive offer includes our most popular chair the Physio+ for our biggest sale ever. The Physio+ Massage Chair combines the latest 3D Massage System with a 125cm BioContour SL-Track that feels like several massage therapists are treating your body at the same time. Its powerful massage hands, combined with the SL-track, give you a customised deep tissue massage all over your body.


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Our Platinum Concierge Service is available:
Monday - Friday 8.30am - 7.30pm and Saturday - Sunday 10.00am - 4.30pm.

Physio Plus Massage Chair

The Physio Plus is the perfect addition to every home with its capsule design and irresistible aesthetic appeal. Renowned for its ability to expertly relieve muscular tension and improve overall circulation, improve your quality of life without breaking the bank.

With 28 air cushions placed around your body to apply compression massage to your arms, shoulders, back, legs and feet, the Physio Plus will relieve tension in sore muscles and joints, from your shoulders to your toes. Let the Physio Plus release tension and alleviate nerve pain in your shoulders, arms, calves, legs and feet with the full body air-cushion technology. 


The 125cm SL-Track rail allows the hands to massage from your neck all the way down past your tailbone into the seat and legs and gives you one of the largest massage zones on the market, meaning you get the best massage experience.


The Physio Plus also features a Hot Stone Massage in the backrest and foot unit that radiates heats of up to 50˚C to relieve cold and pain and promote a faster metabolism. Heat relaxes the body and opens the muscles, allowing deeper muscle tissue penetration and reducing soreness and recovery time after an intense massage.


This ergonomic design enables use in small spaces. A single touch of the button prompts the massage chair to move smoothly without taking up extra space. To recline safely without touching the wall, the top of the chair only needs to be 5cm away, giving you more room for activities without compromising on the quality of your massage.

How will Zero Gravity help me?

The feeling of complete weightlessness at the touch of a button; ZeroGravity is the ultimate seating position and takes all of the pressure off your spine giving instant relief from aches and pains and the experience of true relaxation.

The Zero Gravity function enables the chair to recline to a position where your legs are elevated higher than your heart in order to release stress, reduce swelling, relieve tension, promote circulation and deliver a feeling of weightlessness. This technology has been developed and determined by the US Space Program to be the most comfortable and effective position to relieve muscle pain and tension.


28 Air Cushions work in synchronisation with the massage rollers


  • Latest Intelligent Body Scan Technology
  • BioContour SL-Track design
  • Extended back massage treatment zone of 125cm
  • Weightless massage mode
  • 5 professional massage treatments
  • 6 automatic massage treatments
  • Full body Air Spa massage
  • Hot Stone massage
  • Customisable Air Spa massage intensity
  • Space-saver massage chair design
  • Premium quality man-made leather

See What Our Customers Say!

Massage Isn't Just for Relaxation. It Also Helps Reduce Pain & Improves Your Overall Health!

Recent research reveals that massage therapy can help with:

Improve chronic neck & back pain

Reduce the number of migraines & improve sleep quality

Reduce muscle fatigue & soreness from exercise

Help support the healthy function of your immune system

Reduce symptoms of anxiety & depression

Reduce stress while promoting healthy blood pressure & heart rate

Improve circulation

And more...

Improve your life with the Physio Plus

Back and Body Massage

Massage therapy has long been recognised as having intense medicinal properties, with academics finding that massage can be used effectively to treat a vast range of physiological and psychological conditions. Massage chairs can be used to reduce chronic pains and migraines, decrease fatigue, combat arthritis, decrease symptoms of stress and depression, and improve your overall immune system and mental wellbeing.

The Physio Plus has numerous manual and automatic functions. It is designed to emulate professional massage techniques such as shoulder grasping, shiatsu, kneading, tapping, 3D and simultaneous kneading and tapping. These advanced techniques and functions provide the finest resulting full-body massage, targeting all areas of the body.

Therapy for the legs and Feet

Our legs and feet are often subject to unprecedented swelling and chronic pain stemming from strenuous exercise, standing all day, or even as a precursor or result of back-related issues. Find relief with the extensive focus of the Remedial Deluxe+ on your lower body.


For the ultimate in relaxation the Physio Plus has textured Reflexology Rollers that work in harmony to emulate a professional Reflexology massage. These rollers, along with accompanying air cushions, relieve your feet and improve blood circulation by focusing on major reflexology pressure points. Set the intensity with adjustable strength to give yourself the perfect, tailored massage you deserve.

Do you suffer from any of these illnesses or conditions?

  • Chronic stress or pain
  • Muscular tension
  • Bad circulation
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • Spinal injury
  • Poor mobility
  • Insomnia
  • Mental illness

How can the Physio Plus help you?

  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Improves circulation
  • Helps bring vital nutrients to the spinal area
  • Aids in muscle and joint repair
  • May improve mobility and overall posture
  • Flexes spinal joints
  • Relieves pressure on spinal columns
  • Invigorates the body

Back Pain? Target Aches and Pains from your Neck to your Glutes

Six Automatic Massage Treatments

With 6 automatic massage treatments the intelligent massage hands offer the latest massage techniques to give you the right massage in all the right places. Masseuse Massage chairs and the massage hands inside feel like several professional masseuses are treating your body at the same time.

You can also customise each massage session to exactly what your body needs by selecting any of the 5 massage styles and then adjusting the location of the massage hands on your body, their speed and also their width. Concentrate on your specific pain and trouble areas and tailor the massage to exactly what you like.

Air Compression Massage

With 28 air cushions placed around your body to apply compression massage to your arms, shoulders, back, legs and feet, the Physio Plus will relieve tension in sore muscles and joints, from your shoulders to your toes. Let the Physio Plus release tension and alleviate nerve pain in your shoulders, arms, calves, legs and feet with the full body air-cushion technology.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Intelligent massage rollers emulate professional massage techniques to relax neck and shoulder muscles. The contoured design of the SL-Track allows for targeted penetration of the neck muscles at the base of the skull, necessary for deep tissue remedial massage.

The Physio Plus neck and shoulder treatment uses a combination of gentle rotational, Shiatsu and percussion movements to encourage blood flow to the muscles and relieve pain. Neck and shoulder massage may prove therapeutic for those who suffer from chronic pain, tension headaches, migraines, eye strain and sinusitis.

Massage Modes

The Physio Plus massage chair emulates an extensive range of techniques including Kneading, Shiatsu, Tapping, Knocking, Combined Kneading & Tapping, Hot Stone and Air Spa massage. It can carry out different massages by combining these techniques.

Also possesses various pre-programmed massage sessions; Relax, Comfort, Relieve, Neck & Shoulder, Back & Waist and Quick Start Demo.

Lower Body Massage

Using the latest in advanced massage chair engineering, the Physio Plus possesses a massage treatment zone of almost double a standard massage chair. With a BioContour SL-Track design reaching 125cm in length, relax the muscles along the full length of your spine, past your tailbone, to your glutes and upper hamstrings.

Arm Massage

Arm massage helps relieve stress, pain and discomfort in the arms, hands, and wrists. The Physio Plus massage chair uses deep strokes during Air Spa compression massage to alleviate muscle tension and soreness, increase elasticity and improve flexibility. These deep strokes place firm pressure along the flattened arm and provide relief for those suffering from arthritis or poor blood circulation.

Leg and Foot Massage

Expertly massages your legs with Air Spa compression techniques. The Physio Plus can strengthen and rejuvenate the leg muscles by releasing tension, reducing swelling and promoting blood flow. The leg and footrest units are both extendable and can be lengthened to accommodate for users of different heights.

The Physio Plus also possesses high-performance reflexology massagers, a form of applied pressure therapy where reflexology rollers on the soles of the feet stimulate pressure points to release tension and alleviate nerve pain.

Recommended for:


Comfort & stress relief


Soothes fatigue & muscle pain.

Young Adults

Posture therapy & wellbeing


Reduce Muscle stress

Computer Users

Shoulder & back treatment


Relaxation & anti-stress