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6 air cushions on the footrest fully embrace your legs, promoting overall blood circulation & reducing leg swelling. The air cushions compress & release, alleviating tension & providing instant relief.
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Studies Show:

Massage Isn't Just for Relaxation. It Also Helps Reduce Pain & Improves Your Overall Health!

Recent research reveals that massage therapy may help:

Improve chronic neck & back pain

Reduce the number of migraines & improve sleep quality

Reduce muscle fatigue & soreness from excercise

Help support the healthy function of your immune system

Reduce symptoms of anxiety & depression

Reduce stress while promoting healthy blood pressure & heart rate

Improve circulation

And more...

Full Body Massage

From the top of your head, down your neck & shoulders, to your lower glutes & legs, the human like massage design provides an incomparable & professional style of massage to relax your full body.

Upper Body Massage

The Health+ is designed with an independent set of rollers dedicated to providing constant & customisable kneading to the neck & shoulder area. The massage hands can be manually adjusted to suit your preferences &, used in combination with the heat function, will deliver massage benefits deep into your upper body area.

Lower Body Massage

Especially effective for loosening tight & painful muscles, the relaxing lower body massage targets your glutes & legs reducing fatigue & stiffness.


Knocking is a massage technique commonly used to reduce tiredness & fatigue, improve overall flexibility & relieve pressure around stiff muscles.


When applied to pain areas, the human-like touch of the kneading function acts to dissolve stress & eliminate tension.


Just like a Swedish massage, a combination of kneading & tapping works to stimulate muscles & remove fatigue.


Remedial Full Body Engineering

A major advance in robotic engineering, the Health+ features SL rail technology that delivers massage for a length of 108cm along the spine & down into the glutes.
The extended S track contours to the sinusoidal shape of the human spine, relaxing the vertebra while releasing tense muscles. The track then extend in an L shape to massage the glute & thigh area.


6 air cushions on the footrest fully embrace your legs, promoting overall blood circulation & reducing leg swelling. The air cushions compress & release, alleviating tension & providing instant relief.


Relax & listen to your favourite music in style, with built in 3D surround sound speakers & Bluetooth capabilities to stream from your mobile device.


The Health+ is the most portable massage chair available. Simply tilt the chair back onto the castor wheels to move your mobile masseuse to the space of your choice.


A. Innovated Inserted Armrest Controller – a simple, easy & fun design for the whole family to use.
B.Convenient Cup Holder Design – staying hydrated before & after massage is very important. Store your cup right next to you.
C.USB Charger – charge your phone or device while you’re enjoying your massage with the integrated Health+ USB port.


Designed to retract completely into the profile of the chair or to simply flip over & disappear from view, the interchangeable leg unit will save precious space in your home.

FEATURES YOU'LL LOVE: Save space, charge your devices, listen to your favourite music, meditate & drink in the Health+ all whilst treating yourself to a full body massage.

Footrest can roll over 180°

Hidden Leg Rest Design

Retract the leg unit into the chair to save space or flip it
over to make it disappear from view.

Air Spa Leg Massage

Air cushions compress & release
to improve your circulation & relax your muscles.

Air Spa Massage with air cushions compressing your legs

Improve your circulation, relax your muscles & experience a new you.

Recommended for:


Comfort & stress relief


Soothes fatigue & muscle pain. 

Young Adults

Posture therapy & wellbeing


Reduce Muscle stress

Computer Users

Shoulder & back treatment


Relaxation & anti-stress

Castor wheels on the back of the chair make moving the chair around a breeze.

Setup is simple & easy - it just takes 5 minutes to unpack the box & plug the chair into a wall.

Add our 5 Year Warranty

Masseuse Massage is proud to offer the most inclusive and affordable 5-Year Extended Warranty in the country! We don’t just believe in the superior quality of our massage chairs, we back that up with the best warranty in Australia.